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05 July 2014


Trey S.

Dayumn boo!


i like him


Ohhh those eyes....


I love his eyes and hair! Nice legs, too.


Another mixed-race dude.

Tyler Hill

Tony: And your point ... ?

If this footballer isn't your type just wait a few days and there will be something different. Just a few days ago there was a post on a gorgeous chocolate player (azz and legs of life!!!) from the Ivory Coast. I also see pics of the stunning Lupita Nyong'o on the front page. There is also a photo of our "mixed race" president. A few weeks ago there were pics of a rugby player from Samoa or somewhere. Black people come in all colors, hues and can be found everywhere from South Central to the south of France to South Africa. That is why I love our people so much.

Greg G

"Another mixed-race dude" ...

... Two posts after another dark skinned dude.

Greg G

This man is gorgeous, btw.


Tyler....I just said "another mixed race dude." Maybe after the Jeremy Meeks craziness, I'm a little worn out. I have no problem with this guy or his looks. Not my type, but he is attractive.


i've moved on to bigger and better things :-)


Black Pegasus

They must have assembled him in a eugenics lab. He's quite pretty indeed.

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