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Rod 2.0 was created by Rod McCullom: Television producer-writer-gym-rat-wannabe-novelist.

If you enjoy this page, the chances are you have probably "heard" my writing before, but, was not aware of the writer. For the past ten to twelve years, yours truly has worked at a number of broadcasting outlets, mostly television news and entertainment.

Formerly a writer, field producer and segment producer at ABC News and NBC, having worked at the latter for three years at News One, World News, World News Now and Good Morning America, and, local news in New York City and Chicago. Also did some time at Fox News as a special projects producer, for several talk shows that you probably will not remember, and, more recently, at magazine shows such as Extra.

Currently, you can regularly find my writing at The Advocate, where I'm the political columnist;;'s Popnography; The Huffington Post, where I'm a featured contributor, as well as gay Fleshbot (NSFW), part of Gawker Media, Flavalife, and Clik.

Occasionally, my op-eds appear in The Washington Blade, The New York Blade, among others places. Somewhere along the way, back in the mainstream media days, wrote articles and essays for The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Reader.

Besides freelance producing and writing, I'm also working on a novels and a teleplay. Wish me luck, ok?

Some of my favorite writers are Benilde Little, Colin Channer, Nicole Bailey-Williams, E. Lynn Harris, Robert Rodi, Susan Sontag, Joan Didion, Yolanda Joe, Danyel Smith and Scott Poulson-Bryant.

Rod 2.0 succeeds brotha2Brotha, my first site.

My motto: "So many go-go boys, so little time!"


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