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30 May 2005



$12.95 million... what an everyday bargain price. Hey Rod, I like this substitute teacher. Can we keep him a tad bit longer? :)

Patrick Devon

Umm...Mr Sub Ryan dude? Mr Rod, lets the boys make out in class and he gives us cash money not to tell the principal. Are you gonna do the same? Great post on this pad, it's very cool.

Holiday N

That apt. makes my expensive ass loft look like the freakin projects...I crave that home,and it's not too far from my home(or the SOHO Bloomie's)
Ryan you are on fire,sexy apartments and cute men...if your next post is about chocolate I may never leave this blog.


thanks holiday for the comments..:) you met will? *salty* i've known a lot of folk who've met him who say similar things..and allcomment on how down to earth he is..even during the modeling when his attitude was (allegedly) less than stellar. :)

Patrick: i'll definitely let the boys make out while rod is gone..but if you can bring some of the guys you've posted on your blog to "service" me for extra credit, no one will get in trouble on my watch. :)


Thanks for posting that! I went by that apartment building during the Sex and the City tour that I went on the last time I was in town, hee hee...

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