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12 May 2005



That gave me chills... :(


Rashawn story made me absolutely sure that I wanted to attend law school... I'll be applying to Harvard this fall.




Everytime the mainstream media leads the news with this week's missing white woman story, I get just a little more cynical. Where is the same level of concern for our missing and murdered?

Mama JunkYard

Desire Brazell's strength reminds me of another black woman who's son was murdered.

Doreen Lawrence, mother of the late Stephen Lawrence took on the UK justice system after the police 'bungled' up the investigation of her son's murder.

Most of us black Britons didn't need to be told twice that Stephen Lawrence was not only murdered because his black, but the police also used his race as a reason not to conduct a full and fair investigation.

White Britain, and in particular the justice system needed a wake up call. Mrs Doreen's campaign led to the MacPherson inquiry which in turn discovered that the Metropolitan police were 'institutionally racist'.

Stephen's killers have never been brought to justice but Mrs Lawrence's actions have certainly ensured that in the event that another black man should meet a similar fate, the police will think twice before dismissing it.

I bow my head to these phenomenal mothers, who transform their grief, pain and anger into actions.

Kevin C

I want it to be known if it was not for SGL bloggers, I would have never known about this awful crime.

When the runaway bride story hit, I kept switching the channel. I simply didn't give a damn.

Peace & Blessings to Desire Brazell

I will never forget.


I just want to say thank you to everyone that's doing something positive with this story. I'm shamika his oldest sister & i miss him dearly. I'm still in shock, I really can't believe something like this happened to my baby brother

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