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16 May 2005



Damn! When did ol' Nelly get so tight?!? Looks like i'm going to have to start tuning back in to BET for a minute. Or ... I could just watch it over and over again on the 'net.



I never thought that much about Nelly, although "Ride wit' Me" was a hoot. He, like LL, seems to have finally realized that buffing up and losing the gimmick (band-aid) could do nothing but help his career. Unlike the stripper's line in "Gypsy", "...Ya gotta have a gimmick..." , in Nelly's case sacking the band-aid gimmick and adding an 8-pack has done wonders.


Havent seen the video, but this aint the first time I've seen thos snap-shots. Incredible what Nelly has done during the last couple of weeks. For a brotha that said he don't really work out in mag interviews with VIBE, I guess he decided to make the gym one of his favorite pasttimes.


Yummy Yummy for my Tummy! I peeped this video on NTV Jams - it's the hot one of the week or something and though the movie sucks with hoover power - I was like the above commenter (when did he get THAT big). I have loved the progression of Nelly into fineness. There are some of us (like myself, lol) who just need a little bit of money to come into our own and some of us who needs fort knox, he's the previous example. Take off the bandaid, smile, lift weights and WALAH - hunka hunka burning love!!

Though his back looks a little Werewolf in Londonish with the bumps (lol) I'm liking looking at Nelly! Thanks for the Commentary!


Thank you for helping me start my week off the RIGHT way!!!!

Prime (AKA Mike)

The first time I saw a preview clip of this video was a couple of weeks ago. MTV showed just enough to have me scrambling for the Tivo remote to hit record.

Thanks for the Monday morning eye candy!


I love Nelly. One day I want him to love me too...lol


Did you guys see his pants at the end of the video when he was walking away??

prodigal sun

yeah... Nelly is doing it big at the gym these days... I didn't recognize him when he was on the cover of Men's Health... At first glance I thought it was LL, when I took a closer look, my jaw dropped.

He snuck that one on us. But hey, if you are a celeb, looking good IS your job. Money cant buy you a six pack, but it will get you a trainer and a nutritionist that will... I got my shyt on lay away. ;-)

Amnesia Sparkles

GOD I've been in love with Nelly since day one. Skinny Nelly, Buff Nelly, Nelly Bottom, Rough Top, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Rap you up in my love!


I was feeling Nelly from the begining as well. He is the definition of a Shawty. When I saw his video on Yahoo Launch I freaked out.

Now you can say he got the "best of both worlds." Sexy as hell and a body.

He is also parading around shirtless in Fat Joe's new video too!

I don't know what made him shoot videos like this cuz he really didn't expose much in his earlier videos (cept Country Grammar).


i think nelly is super sexy...damn straight he is...lol...hell yea!!!


i think nelly is super sexy...damn straight he is...lol...hell yea!!!


omg i love nelly so much just look at him how can you not love him hes sooo hot i may not be his #1 fan but i love him more than anyone in the world

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