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24 May 2005



i so saw this one coming when the show aired last fall...

it wasn't that good..the writing was mediocre at best. And, at times, taye looked like he was bored in his role...

so, yea he can definitely focus on doing buppie comedies and singing his ass off for the Rent movie (coming out this christmas...i don't know, but im more jazzed about Rosario Dawson in the film than taye.)

sidenote: Rod, did you know that NBC canceled Trial By Jury? and the show was getting good too....

Kevin C

I knew this show was a flop when UPN presented their fall line up to us last summer. I looked around the conference room and mostly everybody seemed bored.

For future projects, I suggest Mr. Diggs take on roles with more edge. Actor Terrence Howard is proving this to be true. He has some projects coming out that'll have folks talking. Stay tuned.


Oh hell no. He won't get the baby back then!


Not that i was rooting for the show to fail, certainly not, but when i watched its first episode, i thought, "Better make plans for the next thing, Taye." Truth is, the show just wasn't that good. And i wanted it to be, i really did. But even the stunt casting of Toni Braxton and Eva Pigford couldn't help this one out. (And i watched the episodes with Eva just 'cause.)

On the up side, maybe Taye will get nekkid and streak around in Rent like he reportedly did in the theater when he found out he got the part in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Probably not in character for Bennie though, huh.

Ah, Taye. You've come full circle ...


PS - I still can't believe they canceled Trial by Jury without even giving it a full season. And i was getting into Miz Bebe too!


I didn't think that that still came on, anyway. Hmm.

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