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24 May 2005



It saddens me to see that, in this day and age, there are thousands of man hours and dollars spent by law enforcement and news organizations to keep the public aware of these things when the victims are white, but hardly ever do we see the same vigorous investigation when the victims are of African, Latin or Asian descent. In the case of the news organizations, it seems that they only report what they think will grab the most audience and ad dollars. I also get the feeling that the way the press handles a story sometimes has an effect on how the police proceed. Maybe Rod has some knowledge of that since he is in the business. My prayers are with Rashawn in Heaven, and with those who were/are close to him. I also pray for a swift and just resolution. I have no doubt that even if Rashawn's attacker escapes the law, he'll pay for it seven times over, somehow... if not in this life, then when he finally meets the Almighty. .

Kevin C

SGL Bloggers are truly awsome!! My hat off to you all!!

I thank you.

Kevin C


Thanks for keeping everyone up to date. I spoke with a friend about whatever happened to Rashawn a couple days ago...


How soon we forget.

I'm shocked . . . because as appalled as I was when this tragedy happened, time slipped by and I went about my life, forgetting all about this handsome young boy who could have been my nephew, brother . . . or even me.

Thanks Rod for reminding us all. I truly want to help. But what is there to do?

Rashawn's fate still brings tears to my eyes. And the fact that I still feel powerless to do anything brings even more.

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