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30 May 2005



As someone with a black asset I must say that I never could find a pair of Helmut Lang jeans to fit me but I liked his minimalist style and the cute men that shop at his stores. ...Too bad its all over!

Holiday N

This is all my fault.I haven't shopped there in a minute and they could not recover.I'm just kidding but OH I wonder if there's a sale going on?I live about 3 blocks from the store.


i loved helmut lang...i'm with nathans, they couldn't fit my (ASS)ets, but the clothes were amazing..

i still am stunned that sonia rykel, issey miyake, etc. are all going out of business or reducing their lines (is john bartlett still designing?)

man...alli need to hear is that KENZO and Ozwald Boateng (two british designers) are closing show and i might go into cardiac arrest!


{{GASP}} Not Ozwald Boateng, never that, please! (What have you heard? Who have you been talking to?) LOL! That brotha IS fierce.

And speaking as a a non-fashionista, i can't say i know anything about Helmut Lang other than his name. So ... how's he on fair labor? That would determine more for me on whether i'm upset about his decline.


Ah, Helmut...classy clothes for people who didn't feel the need to show it all off. Sad news about the store closings, Rod...but then, I think there's a malaise over the whole field. People are looking for the next big thing, and it isn't Prada.

John lopez

Man i love helmut lang jeans,i live in south beach florida and i use to make my dad fly me out to newyork to buy some jeans,but now how im i going to buy his jeans if there closed down.

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