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16 May 2005


Mama JunkYard

I can not thank you enough for that link! Tanzania is right next door to Kenya so this is close to my heart. In our African nations we do not discuss homosexuality other than when the bigots are given airtime. Apparently it is 'un African' to be gay and like Tanzania, Kenya's laws prohibit homosexuality.

This one aspect of law I intend to really tackle when I return to Kenya...


Thanks for posting this. I visit The Mask from time to time to hear news about the gay African community.

Like Mama JunkYard said in an earlier comment, there is this pervasive idea that there aren't gay Africans. Nothing can be further from the truth.

On a recent trip home to Lagos (Nigeria's capital), I discovered, to my surprise, a thriving gay underground with regular parties. I had so much fun hanging out with other gay Nigeria dudes.

I am not sure I'll be tackling homophobia in Nigeria though, even if I do go back after school. I'll rather work on building a strong underground community and that leads to political activism.


Rod, again thanks for the info. I never heard about this site. I will have to visit it more often to get information about our African Brothers and Sisters. I pray that with time, knowledge and understanding much needed change will occur around the world with regards to the prosecution of homosexuality.

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