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24 May 2005



I think we will see Edie Britt hitting on Matthew Applewhite causing his mom's "protective instincts" to surface. She looks like someone I wouldn't want to cross... on second thought, Matthew might just be worth the risk.


sorry, but Marc better BRING IT with alfre and mehcad next season..seriously, you have one of the MOST underrated/ridiculously talented black actresses ALIVE today on your show? and you cast a FINE ass specimen such as mehcad..i better a meaty storyline for them on the show.

and it would be so obvious and "safe" to have edie hit on matthew. why not have matthew hit on gabrielle (ooh, that woul dbe some fireworks!) or something...

i could totally see alfre's character turning out to be a undercover freak and hooking up with gabrielle's husband..:)

im saying..just give the both of them a complex and engaging storyline next year..and my black ass just MIGHT tune in..maybe not. but, one can hope, right?


I think Rod's speculation a few posts back could be possible. That is, a lesbian relationship... but between which two? Betty Applewhite and Edie? Or maybe a gay relationship between Mehcad and ...?
(The result of his mama being so strict).


*Sigh* I want to be Matthew's friend lol.


I missed it!!! Thanks for the clips tho. Awwww. Hotness!

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