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09 June 2005



Ah ...


definitely liberating...

Holiday N

It's so amazing to me how powerful and artistic; black models come across in black and white..it's beautiful.

Dwayne Wayne

I agree with holiday... Black people in black and white photos are priceless! Great photos Bryan Mell!


wonderful nothing better than nude black men...


Hi Rod,

Have become so accustomed to viewing images in color that I forgot how powerful a picture in black and white could be. I am in my early sixties and I have beautiful black and white pictures from my high school day. Take care



Mell definitely has the "eye". My first exposure to B&W photography was years ago in Hollywood. A young greek guy was just starting out and his "thing" was solely "available light" photography. When I have some $ to spare, I intend to order from Mell.

Nathan "Seven" Scott

dayum... those images were FIRE! you always get the hottest sH*t... keep it coming!

JW Richard

Great interview, and it looks as if I need a new book for the coffee table :-)
Diggin' your site, Rod.


Wow, beautiful black and white photos. I encourage Bryan Mell to keep exploring and to keep capturing these fantastic images.


woow that is beutifull


these photograghs are "Art" and powerful


Bryan Mell is, by far, one of the most talented and REAL photographers that I've ever met and worked for as a model. All I have to say is if "As Seen in Black & White" wowed you, I just cannot wait for the world to see his next collection of artistic Black male nudes. Bryan stay up, my brotha' ... your time is mos' def' on the way!


Love Bryan's work, but as of this date, I am disappointed in his approach to his on-line business. I ordered two prints from him in mid-November. He cashed my check, but despite the fact that he indicates a three week turnaround on his web site I have yet to receive my prints or any response to two follow up e-mails I sent him regarding the status of my order.


Just an update. Here it is Mid-March, and I still haven't heard from Bryan Mell regarding the prints I ordered - it appears that I may have no choice but to pursue a claim against him for the check he cashed and the contract he breached. Sadly, I have since heard from yet another person who got stiffed in exactly the same way by Mr. Mell. It appears that he is giving a bad name to people who market their art over the internet. Too bad, because all it takes is a couple of minutes to respond to an email.


Well, here it is the beginning of June, and despite repeated emails to Bryan with respect to the prints I ordered, I have not received my prints or any response. Accordingly, I am in the process of reporting Bryan Mell to the USPS for mail fraud. To the rest of you, admire his work, but when it comes to buying his art via his website - caveat emptor - buyer beware!!

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