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06 June 2005


Kenneth Alston

Hey If I come in On Friday, will the movie still be there or is it a one time deal...

I am interested. Panting even. I don't get a chance to see such intamacy in film.

As always in Parting,

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.


It's about time they made a movie like this.I'm tired of the movies portraying the same ol flaming queen(they exist) but so do many other types of gay men.I'd love to see this.


Where is the bootleg copy so the L.A. peeps can see this?


how can a kali brotha see this film???


would like to see this movie, how do I


Yeah im in dc trying to check it out myself.


wish him the best with the film. i'm very interested in seeing the film sometime. :)


David in DC, come to the 10th Annual North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (www.carolinatheatre.org/ncglff) on August 11-14 in Durham NC. We're showing the Southeastern US premeire and Luther will be in attendance.


seen to be a chill flick i want to see the movie atl location


When is it coming to DC?


When is it coming to Illinois / Indiana ?


Boston MA showing...wassup?


I totally want to see ths flick.....man....black art is in a renaissance and please believe that gay black folks are leading it.

no drws

What about atlanta, showing?

no drws

Blk boyz have been in the main stream for ages, and as boy-lovers it's about time a different aspect of our life style is potrayed in non-perveted, ignorant, horny mindless inferior species. Blk boyz in this millenium tend to care more of each other and build each other up-through tough love or other wise. We own houses 2gether, live,adopt kids,travel,mentor,invest,church and SLEEP 2gether moreso now than ever before.We used to be looked at as worse than being blk...well, has there been a better century for blk boyz than this. Lets pick up our brother, have God in our hearts 'N show them what life is all about. We already posses the ultimate strength in humanity. Lets show what we are made of...and I think this flick hits the mark at least for starters. Not all of us are flaming,ignorant,"homophobic/DL niggers" et.c
Luv y'all folk....."keep your drws up" lol


When will we ever see it in Africa? Can we get it on DVD because I would love to watch the movie.

It always inspires us African Boyz when we see other black brothers face the same predicament we do as gay people.




i would love to view this movie very much but i live in atl, ga can i get a copy oy buy one please let me know at wil_do_69@yahoo.com

Lloyd Anthony

I too would like to see this movie if it's available on DVD, or VHS. Even as a production on televisoin, I would love to see it, please email me in regards to it's premier. I live in Raleigh NC, and am anxious about it's arrival to the forefront.


are their any places in charlotte nc that might carry it


will it becoming on tv any time soon or dvd if so email me back at deejays_goodies@yahoo.com thanks.


Where can you purchase this film?


I would also like to see this movie. Could I get a copy as well?


When is it coming to Dallas, Texas. I would "LOVE" to see it.


where in nyc can i buy the DVD


From Chi-town.. Is this on Dvd or Vhs... I would love to see this....????

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