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28 June 2005



I will watch this season as I have all the rest...it does seem to get worse every season, with a few highlights here and there.


I wish that they had taken some real chances as the show progressed. Where are the handicapped? The Cross Dressing Young Person? Add some flava and force our usual young "Party All the Time" young people to take a look outside their sphere of relevance.

BET had a good opportunity to address some things in the African American Community with that garbage "College Hill" but of course they fucked that up.


AFTER 16 YEARS, I think the problem is that the people they select are all playing to the cameras. The novelty wore off...16 YEARS AGO! They aren't being themselves, they're playing roles: the gay one, the promiscuous one, the conservative from a small town, the agressive urban one, the emotionally needy one, etc., etc., etc.

I really lost interest after San Francisco and only watched some of last season because of Kara-mess, but even that got tired real fast.

Mr. GuyTVBlog

whoaaa.. are you guys tuned into the right channel? this season of the real world is freakin amazing... so far.

they picked a brillant cast. yeah i disappointed there were no queers this time around but i fixed that. i created my own real world: key west online show told through posts. check it out on my website, guytvblog.com

i'm also writing very detailed and fun queer reviews for this season of the real world as well. feel free to go there and trash the show.

and you're right. nehemiah is not falling into the typical real world "black guy". he's hopefully going to show us that this label no longer exists in the real world casting uh- world.


Pamela summed up the things I've actually thought of regarding RW over the past years. Perhaps things will change, but I'm sure the shows ratings are still on top for MTV.


Bernie, I couldn't agree with you more. Karamo was a "Kara-mess". Being a young gay black male, who happens to be from Houston just like Karamo, feel like he represented us totally wrong. He was a straight up BITCH. I will definitely check out your "show". And I must also say that I also agree with Carla, Pamela really did sum everything up in a nutshell. BET really did mess up their chance to get on the reality tv bandwagon. College Hill was a shitty, hot, wet mess. I figured since BET is a predominantly black station, they would not submit to the stereotypes--but they did. The show was a complete flop--and I'm glad the show is off my damn tv--atleast for now.


Oh, is there another season of that crap on? ;-)

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