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02 June 2005



Hmm ... i have yet to pick up a copy of Complex, so i don't have a feel for whether this is up to their standard. In defense of the photographer, though (you know i got a soft spot), i do wonder if his hands were somewhat tied. If there's a concerted effort to market 'Melo in a certain way, i'd be willing to bet there were agreements made with the magazine that the photo shoot would reflect that.


I haven't picked up the issue either, but I've seen it on the newsstands. Melo got some sweet DSLs, honey. And of course he went to my favorite alma mater.

Sean Fennessey

Bernie, someone pointed this out to me this morning. Thanks for the criticism, however the least you could do when insulting someone's work is properly quote the story. It was the *words* fit him so well its scary, not the *world* which was in reference to some lyrics he was actually singing along to when I met him, which you failed to post.

If you'd like to know how I got a writing gig, feel free to e-mail me. Maybe we can talk about how these things work, because I can tell you don't understand.

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