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11 July 2005



You do some great write ups.
When and if you ever go hard copy my credit card will be out in a heart beat to subscribe.
Hope you are enjoying the summer.

prodigal sun

So much to read this summer...

I especially enjoy reading books about the black middle class of previous periods. They live interesting lives on both sides of the fence (although they sometimes erect fences to prevent non-lineage type black folk out of their circles...) But they are a prominent parts of black history, and reading their struggles and experiences is often fascinating.

I already read 'Our Kind of People'... and 'Member of the Club'... I cant wait to read this one too.


i just bought this book, after spending a week on the vineyard. incidentally, i just finished reading another jill nelson book--- Sexual Healing.


I reviewed this book for a magazine a couple of months ago, and I wasn't really excited about it to begin with...

But after reading a couple chanpters, it really opened my mind to a world that few have truly experienced... Good choice.

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