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07 July 2005



It's a damn shame that people are falling for this debacle. Even with Keith Boykin pretty much outing JL King as a fraud, people seem to take him seriously. I think sometimes we (black people) are too wedded to our victim status. One can be a victim and not take up the mantle of victimhood (meaning one is defined soley as a victim and everythign else is funneled through that prism).

Is no one gonna talk about the opportunism of people like Star Jones and Al and Terry and JL to make themselves celebrities in all of this? It's disgusting.


Rod! Spill the gossip, lol I didn't know about R Kelly and the Luther thing. Point me in the right direction.


Thank you for the link to the Al story. They were starting to talk about his "gay hopping" on the local radio here, but never came back to the story. I knew if I came here, I would find the info ;)


Hey Rod- Long time no talk. New site is FAB - can't wait to chat with you more! Monty


I saw the clips for Oprah's show this morning and turned it immediately. I knew this was going to happen though.

Didn't hear about Luther being outted from the grave though. I'm going to have to check it out.

Aaron Coleman

He (JL King) is disgusting.
I thought the white woman in black got it about right...that he is in denial.
"It's not about orientation...it's about "gratification"...
Yeah, right! Denial!
What surprised me was that he was so "clockable"!


I'm with Pamela - what's this whole thing about Luther being outed from the grave? is that confirmed? and who is R. Kelly outing?


Oprah's guest was so absolutely lost......so clouded by confusion.....so pathetic, I wanted to reach through the tele and shake him.

The saddest part of the show was when he said that he would have no problem with his daughter dating a man like himself. That really troubled me.....because no sensible loving father would EVER request that his daughter be okay with a man who's not only cheating on her, but putting her at risk of getting a deadly disease. No father would EVER ask that!

Whether the husband in question is giving head to dick or pussy is inconsequential!

It's troubling that he is allowed to offer his absolute confusion as some kind of revelation!


jesus christ i read the book (thought it was bullshit and was laughing as i read it) and i saw the interview. they are really trying to make the "on the dl" thing huge arent they? i remember when i used to live in atlanta the dl phenomenon was all i heard on the radio! i have a question though. how in the hell did his wife NOT know he got down? i would have clocked him from the get-go! anyways, whats the thing about r-kelly outing bruhs on the radio? and about luther being outed from the grave (i think thats sad)

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