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12 July 2005




i think you hit the nail on the head...

as much as i love amerie on the cover of VIBE (the violet Ennio Capasa dress with the gold snakeskin fuck me pumps are classic--right on part with red alberta feretti number Thandie Newton model in W magazine a few years..:) the other outfits were classic), I too was bothered by the LACK of decent journalism by Serena Kim.

What could have been 4 pages on a potentially role model-esque Afro-Korean, college educated woman striving to succeed in an industry which shuns multi-dimensional images of women, etc. was basically another attempt to "ghettoize" someone who isnt ghetto...

I just find it interesting that Kim and various other folk you and i both know who aren't feeling Amerie b/c there isn't any "drama" in her life, i.e. she's not interesting.

Is it me or isn't the fact that she's a Georgetown grad, with a clearly interesing life (military brat, afro korean heritage--which could have been an article in itself, etc.), clear work ethic, et. al enough?

Or, should Amerie just progress to the scantily clad, "r&b diva as prop to popular rapper of the moment"--where the current crop of young r&b singers (Ashanti, Teirra Marie (sp?), Tyra, etc.) are at right now?

But, I love this article Rod..you do bring up some interesting points..and yes, Kim could have even commented on how Amerie is viewed in the industry (clearly not black enough/not white enough...)

good stuff...

*waiting for the hip hop journalists to comment on your post*


Wonderful article...




Rico Gonzalez

You are right about the faux-ghetto mess. But on the grammar issue, the commas are not misplaced. Traditionally, commas were placed before the "and" for three or more listed items in a series. For instance, commas separates these items thusly: John had pizza, green beans, and Pepsi.

More recently, it has been acceptable to drop the comma before the "and," but it is still correct to use the comma before the last item.


Damn...tell 'em how you really feel!


Yes, PLEASE tell 'em how you really feel. I'm hoping you sent a hard copy of this writing to VIBE.


I just want to commend you on this article me being a very huge fan of amerie form the start is exactly how i felt...and i was sitting here wondering why her CD is not dong so well on the charts and this article and other's above have said they just don't GET amerie they can't put her in a catagory...being that she does not have a bad bone in her body what can you say about her? which is some major bullshit for Vibe giving her a cover and printing this shit...if this was my first time finding out who Amerie was i would still be lost... a big let down from Vibe on this one.


LOL. Rod you should really edit this review and send it in to Vibe. To be honest the past few cover stories have been some serious bull.
Oh yeah, and i thought you could use a comma before "and"(lol), or is that no longer acceptable? Amerie's first album sold what it did based on word of mouth more than here first two singles. She has a fan base that they feel they dont know how to market to. Funny thing about it is that Amerie doesnt have to do much. Her fans like who she is and what she represents. She's sexy without having to try so damn hard and you know she's intellegent. Who would have thought to hook up with a DC producer and dropping a go-go joint to the mainstream. LOVE IT!


You should take a few lessons in Grammar before you try to correct someone elses work. Commas are always placed before the conjunction when there are three or more items in a series. You are pretty stupid. Maybe you should get an English degree before you go around correcting professional journalists' material.


There's no need to be RUDE, "Guest" -- it would be nice if you had the balls to post your real name.

For your information, there are indeed editors who strongly prefer the exclusion of the "final" comma as is Rod's preference and others who demand it, as you seem to. It really depends on the editor, so take it down a notch and stop calling people names.


This is a good review. I actually thought that the article was rather deplorable. Serena Kim painted Amerie as a naive fool, which I didn't appreciate. I wanted to read more about her music, her experiences as a black Korean, and the places she's lived, and also her vision for her career. I didn't like the way Kim harped on the lack of drama in Amerie's life, while peppering the article with possible hints of, well, future drama: the tug of war between her "lisping" manager/boyfriend and her Svengali producer and the fact that Amerie sounds like she's borderline OCD with the determination to have her cereal boxes facing the same direction, a la Monk or Howard Hughes. I'm just waiting for the day when Amerie does a complete 180, dumps that manager/boyfriend of hers, finds a thuggish rapper who will ghettoize her and keep her in the tabloids. Then everyone will be saying, "What's wrong with Amerie? What happened to her?" Isn't that what the people want?


This article was stupid. It wasn't very accurate, either. I wish people would stop painting Amerie as Snow White 'cuz it just doesn't ring true. What Amerie is is a great actress and I pray that she will appear in more films. That "First Daughter" flick sucked, but she was pretty good in it. But the article was filled with inaccuracies. Amerie has no vices? Please. How about lying? She lied throughout the article: she lied about not getting a nose job, not sleeping with Rich Harrison (c'mon, everyone knows they slept together)and not knowing what "shrooms" are (the funniest lie of them all). Will the "real" Amerie please stand up?


Hey folks.

Almost rarely do we comment on the board, especially to critics. Everyone should be able to have an opinion, especially counter to mine.

For the record, as Rashid said, the final comma after the "and" is an editorial decision. It's frowned upon by AP Style and in major newspapers. But that was the least of Serena Kim and Vibe's concerns. The essay was patronizing and hostile; it also belittled her accomplishments. That's the real story. Let's talk about that.

Regarding my background, there is no English degree. But there is a philosophy degree from the U of Chicago and some grad studies. For the past ten years, have written and produced at organizations such as ABC News, NBC News, local stations, a talk show, the LA Times and are a member of WGA-East.

Maybe that resume is "pretty stupid."


First of all no one knows anything about Amerie for sure. So for one of the posters to make that comment about Amerie sleeping with Rich harrison is way off. It was always business and a family vibe trust me I know. This article is a sad attempt to create a false image of Amerie. I also think you should mail it to VIBE.

Lil Kis

Wait Amerie slept with Rick Harrision her producer to get famous and become a star? No I thought Amerie was innocent! I can't believe this! Amerie I loved you! Why did you do that to me!?


Amerie has NEVER slept with Rich Harrison. And see people this is how rumors get started...absolutely unbelieveable.


And Tracy make sure to get your facts straight when you post. Amerie has never had a nose job and has never slept with Rich Harrison. I suppose I'd be lying as well when I say I had no clue what "shrooms" were either until that artice. Why should I? If I don't indulge in that type of thing, why would I need or want to know? So ASSuming that you know what you're talking about...well, I'm sure you can get where I'm going with that...


Rod, that was really good, especially when you brought up the part about the drinking. THANK YOU! I just understand why its so neccessary to sit around talking about this like its positive. Its not cute to sit around talking 'i'm drunk' or 'hey remember that time we were drunk and....". God it so good to hear someone else say that

Kellie Livingston

I am doing a project on Amerie and its fun. Everyone says that she's pretty and she is because she takes nice pictures and more!


You people outside the ropes KILL me! How do you know what Amerie has and hasn't done in her personal life? The nose job is apparent, however who she sleeps with or doesn't sleep with....well is it really relevant? Second, were you there when she allegedly f*cked Rick Harrison? LOSERS!


I can not speak about Amerie's personal life but I can tell you that she has definately had a nose job. You can clearly tell from prior pictures that her nose has been worked on . She had a flat nose before now it is pointed and lifted up. Hello People!!!


You guys are all crazy , commas , nose jobs and scandalous affairs! This is Amerie we're talking about , anyways I agree this is good stuff. I for one still don't know what shrooms are. This definitely should be made known only I don't understand why it's so important when it's Amerie , if it was anyone else no one would have cared. Trust me people, she's getting paid regardless ^_^

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