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29 July 2005



How can we (the black community) expect the white media to "care" about our black women in particular this woman going missing when just about every image that is endorsed, reinforced, supported and portrayed by the greater black community is one of a loud mouth, single mother doing whatever to get hers, big booty, etc...if you want the greater community to care since they control the media, then we need to tone down the negative crap towards our gay men, women etc in the black community...because I do not see the black community getting fed up with almost naked big butt women in videos and black men willing to do anything for a rap or ball career and other stereotypical images in the vast media from videos to major motion pictures...

“Everyone is just throwin' their hands up in the air and wavin' like they just don't care”...so why should the "white" media and companies when we are spending our money and not complaining…


Nancy Grace's been called to task so much for her overrationalization of the Holloway case she should have it on speed dial. I was actually very surprised while at lunch last week to see Figueroa's story even made it to CNN. Just recently here in Atlanta, two young females have been missing for weeks now with nary a mention by the media. One of Nancy's quotes however, is probably the main reason more cases like this never see the light of day: "Is she like me?"

For most news producers, the answer's probably no.


Wow, what an assessment of the whole situation. In reading your retort to one of my commenters, I'm somewhat ashamed that I didn't take him/her to task for those erroneous assertions.

I'm glad I found this. Thanks for the breakdown.

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