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04 July 2005


No 4real4real

I am reading it now. It is great. I love the way he weaves spanish dialog into conversation. It is cool so far.


I read this book in one day over the weekend and I must say it was engaging and just seemed so real.


Just passed through from Pammie's blog....I need to add this to my summer reading list. I feel like I've read or at least heard about the reviews of this one before, particularly the ethnic hierarchy issue in sunny southern cali....

Back to my lurking post ~smile~

prodigal sun

I read the book in a day...

It was pretty cool. I dug the different perspectives, and the depth that he gave to every character. No one was perfect, and everyone had their faults (some more than others.)

Like you said, it was well written and clever. It lends itself to a visual interpretation.

It will be interesting to see if this leads to any noah's arc/queer as folk type deal.

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