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11 July 2005



If Roman Catholic bishops try to purge all gay priests from the ministry, they'd end up halving priest numbers from their currently-pisspoor levels.

As a former RC and seminarian (I left when I discovered what "celibacy" meant), I still have friends in the ministry who are gay and are scared shitless that their bishops will discover this somehow and hound them out of the ministry. In some cases, these men, many of whom have given 25 or 30 years in the priestly ministry to the people of God, have been left without incomes, medical insurance coverage, or pensions. This is in spite of the fact that many, if not most, were not discovered in flagrante delicto. Now the Vatican is about to decree that men who are homosexual, even if they promise to be celibate, cannot be ordained. Pray tell, O Benny the Rat, how is the seminary rector going to discover whether a candidate is gay? Is there to be a casting altar in every seminary? Perhaps a plethysmograph test with gay porno to see whether the candidate responds physically! Anything is possible these days.

God help us all.

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