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15 July 2005



it was only a matter of time....

lawd, lawd, lawd... po' robert

that was pretty much an "open secret"

Alan W

The mind boggles, doesn't it? As if working for Santorum and defending him weren't bad enough, then he has to go throw in the transgender comment. He should've said "I was looked at like I was a black, GAY Republican." I mean, there are fewer of those than there are trannies, right? I'm just saying, ya'll...go easy on me!


Come on, the Republican party is filled with gay men, evil, diabolical, hypocritical, machiavellian gay men, but gay nonetheless. Gays should take pride in the fact that the leading party in America has such great gay men as Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, and Santorum's Traynham. After all, it's not everone who can point to such illustrious men as being members of their club.

Don't you just feel all warm and special, just like a concentration camp internee as his fellow inmate leads him to the oven...


Butch Queen

is this equivalent to a black man working for a known KKK member... (excuse the language) But, What the F*ck!


So now we have our own Roy Cohn or J Edgar Hoover


im not suprised..santorum has plenty of gay and lesbian folk working for him..and it doesntmake sense.

but we all know that folk will work for someone for a myriad of reasons...

although im suprised this came out as late as it did...traynham had been outed by "progressive" gay and lesbian folk herein pittsburgh last fall...

im curious to see how this turns out..


It's all about the dollars at the end of the day isn't it?


i have ran into many men why were just like this brotha, and unfortunately, they all acted the same. its like the old saying, "not every slave left the plantation, many stayed on to help master cause he was good to me"....


Where does the line between what u stand for and what u will do for money come in at? Of course this "line" isn't in the same spot for all people and I'm sure it's a crooked line, waivering depending upon the circumstance, amount of money, and how many people will know about what we will do for the money. For me, being okay with being gay, I could never work for someone who goes against gay rights of any sort, because I know I benefit from those rights. From Something as small as logging onto a gay chat room or as big as adopting a child. There were and are way too many people who have come before me, who fought against a much more harsh group of people than I have to today. It seems counter-productive helping a man like Rick Santorum to defeat or water-down gay rights. Rick Santorum is a man who doesn't know much about the world outside of Washington DC or his Ivy league up-bringing. He doesn't know what it's like to be a minority, nor does he know about the lives of most people outside his income bracket. It's easy for him to blow us off as sexual deviants. Why would Robert help this man's cause? Deep-rooted pain and self-hate on Robert's part, that is just my personal opinion. All I can do is feel bad for him. It must suck to want to be accepted by those people so bad, or it must suck to be such a slave to the dollar.


How does one look in mirror after spooning with the enemy?

How does one continue to live without a soul?

This man I liken to a Jew being Adolf Hitler's fluffer, and plan to regard him with all due respect.

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