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05 July 2005



love how u eneded this one...

what did she expect? My issue is is she more upset about the failure of the marriage or that he turned out to be gay?

Sam Shure

Hold up one sec Rod...

You can't dismiss Jonathan Plummer as a naive little schoolboy. 20-yrs-old is far from naive.

I read the transcripts too...Inspite of Terry's HOMOphobia, Plummer is the classic definition of a GIGOLO regardless of his sexuality. He wanted money and US citizenship, but, unfortunately, he signed a PreNup.

Atleast he still has his citizenship. So now He's FREE! He's Phine too! I'd __ him, but I probably can't afford him. I don't do high-priced whores.

prodigal sun

@Sam Shure

20 years old is far from naive? Come on dude. You are tripping. I say EXACTLY that. 20 years old is not only naive, its DUMB!!!

Even if 20 wasnt naive... how much LESS naive is 43?

If you read the documents, you will CLEARLY see that this dude is NOWHERE near as smart as Terry Macmillan. So to think he came up with a dastardly diabolical plan 10 years ago, when he isnt even that bright today, is absolutely and utterly absurd.

anthony davis

I'm not feeling Terry's homophobic ranting and ravings but I do think that you're going just a tad bit hard on her Rod.This was by no means an innocent or naive 20 year old boy and I do believe that he knew exactly what he was doing.You make it seem as if Terry somehow preyed on him and I don't see it like that at all. I do think that she should have just accepted the fling for what it was and just left it over in Jamaica.


I've said it once I'll say it a million times, Terry is a crazy bitch.


I never liked that woman. Not for anything tangible either, it was like a bad vide just seeped from her pores. Now reading about her spewing cliched homo-rhetoric over getting exactly what she paid for (I'm ashamed to admit) just tickles me to death.

Everybody knew he was family but her. But like you said, she's got a best-seller cookin' now ... 'How Stella Got Her Face Cracked'.


i was reading some of the posts and there seems to be alot of anger out there. its sad that their personal business has been posted online like that. but it is juicy gossip though! lol. i think that this tragedy comes from the fact that a lot of people dont really think that homosexuality exists. they think its just a way of behaving or maybe a "sin" like stealing a candy bar or whatever. just the other day i read an article on yahoo about a man who sent his son to a gay "rehabilitation" camp against his will. with people around like that and health officials not giving the glbt human respect no wonder people get confused. churches and govts cant even make up their minds! if you look at it like that no matter how fem acting he was she probably just thought that he was a "sensitive" and "creative". also some people are bi. i think this gets lost in many discussions. so then what. he wanted out and his divorce got nasty. many divorces do. poor terry. she probably feels embarrassed especially with the similarities to the book. and who knows what was going thru his mind. that money probably made him forget everything. just imagine: his poor boyfriend asking him to move into a quaint little shack and then theres terry. in it would be quite tempting to live that glam lifestyle. im sure he liked her he was with her for 10 years. the whole thing is really sad. i hate to see black folks act crazy in front of evryone like that.


It happens to the best of us just pray for them and hope they find happiness. I do think that Jonathan knew exactly what he was doing he's just one of them down low brother who finally realize thet he need to stop living a lie and come out of the closet. Jamaicans are very homophobic so most likely he has been gay from she met him but, kept it on the DL Us citizenship is always a catch.


Anyone who thought that s/he was in love and loved should understand how it feels to be betrayed. Contrary to what's said here, at 20, many people in the US are somewhat naive...but not all. In the Caribbean where sex is much more in the open, but where homosexuality is frowned upon (but still exists) makes me doubt that Jona did not know. Many people from the Caribbean seem to believe that in America, one can pick gold up off of the streets. Did he believe that he found the gravy or money train? Even the people who've been here for a while speak about how family members constantly write or call to them, begging them to buy something.

Here was a woman twenty years his junior...wanting to feel young and appealing to young men.She thought she had young love. he thought he had a cash cow. Both of them got screwed. It hurts to see how black people can air their filthy laundry, as weakthy whites did before them.

Send his confused anus home. $40,000 translates to at least $240,000 in his country. Let Johnny go marchng home.

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