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07 July 2005


Justin Spearman

This negro right here.. dam he is fine.


That is a truly physically beautiful man.

Senhor Made In Brazil

I agree... If anyone has a problem with him, then there is obviously something wrong with them... HOT!


As an old defensive back, I'd gladly put him in man-to-man coverage.


As Paris would say "that's hot". Both of them should probably never talk though.


Nice photo's... I love MF... And your magazine coverage is great.


Damn if don't look like a Sunday Dinner! You know the kind grandma usta make!

Goooood lawd!


What eva this man say or do, he IS one of da 5 sexiest men on da planet. Who wouldn't wanna do im!

James M

MmmmMMMmmMMmm...Thats all i can say about him. He just looks 2 good!


He just has to stop talking and start putting his fitness and the 'Gifts' that God gave him into action WITH ME!

Nathan "Seven" Scott

who on earth is that? wow he looks amazing, that body is CUT! rod has done it again, it's like you have the inside scoop. keep it up!


TO has a little twinkle in his eye haven't you noticed. And anyone who goes around spouting gay comments like he does you know what that is about....esp you DL brothers.


TO, to me, is the best WR there is, I didn't know until he came to the Eagles. Not only is he talented, but he has the intentions of a good boy wrapped up in the shell of a flamboyant and cocky bad boy. Seems like one of those people U have to remind urself not to sleep with so soon. I think I would tremble in the presence of that tall, dark, and handsome man. Also keep in mind that he is great on the field. Who doesn't like a jock who isn't good at his trade--no pun intended.


Here's a reality check.... I actually dated a tall, dark, handsome, lt. heavywight boxer with a physique like TO's. His egotism was so severe, that he used to wear me out, in the same way that a spoiled brat utterly frustrates his parents.
Would you be willing to tolerate TO's insufferabe brattiness, and egotism?

Cara Fletcher

This is one of the most attractive man I've ever seen.He looks great with those six pack abs and this perfect body.Hope he's available. :D

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