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22 August 2005



Is it me or the word "faggot" and "nigga" still uncomfortable terms to hear?

Call me ol' fashion if you want, but I dont think I want songs uttering those terms in the grocery store while I'm getting my shop on in McCraes. Lots of things I found quite hard to digest after reading this article, even though it was done quite tastefully. But I just feel I'm too ol' fashion. I grew up on Anita, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Luther, O'Jays, Isley Brothers...da list goes on and on...and even with the disco jammers like Chic, Donna Summer, K.C. & the Sunshine Band and the Bee Gees...and I do believe their music was quite tasteful and pleasant on the ears of anyone that heard them. It seems like the music that is coming out now is quite forceful and agitating. Why everything gotta sound like a riot these days. Let's get back to real love making and leave out all the "big bad muda" obscenities. Anita still around and she still wont stoop that low to devile her image. In other words, where's the good guys?


Rod, will his CD be available at Pride in Atlanta?


He sounds like such a role model, to give all of that up and search for himself. I admire his work.

I've heard Adodi Muse perform, Anthony is talented and gorgeous!


That was a good article Rod. Didnt know the kat from Adam but I definetly have an idea now and thinking about getting the albulm.


Great interview ...i specailly enjoyed his comments on the top/bottom issue, the barebacking/HIV issue and his development both as an artist and a man. However I also have issues with his take on nigga and faggot. In a perfect world everyone knows the history and hence the significance of those two words so to de-ephasize them would be of no importance. But its been my experience that alot of the young people ( age less than 30) using these words are ignorant of what these words meant. Hence I remain unconvinced that we should throw them around so lightly.

anyway I would still buy the album


i liked the article. it was very well written.

I dont really see the issue with Anthony's use of "faggot" or "nigga". Though these two terms are negative, they are a part of american speech and vernacular. It's not the words themselves, but HOW you use them is why these words haev such a painful resonance. I do agree with Rod and Anthony that if you reclaim these words, then that lessens the force and the negative connotations of those words...

Also, kids are using BOTH words today like it's just water running off someone's back in a shower...so, how you can you take Anthony to task for it when you arent' taking others to task for it, Dante?

And, Anita and the various artists you mentioned DON'T use those words. But, aren't you, in theory barring Anthony from the right to use those words anyway he chooses? Last I checked this is a free country and we ALL have the right to free speech. If Anthony wants to use "faggot" and "nigga", he can. If you don't like it, don't buy his work (which i suspect you will do). But, do know that the brotha has a very valid and powerful right to say whatever he wants or use any words he chooses to express himself...

Great article...


He's a little made up in some of those shots, but generally I like what he had to say..I have no problem with the use of fag and nigga, I especially like to call straight dudes nigga.

My problem with the top/bottom issue is more than what he highlighted though..I think gay men pay way to much attention to that, and the lifestyle wasnt always that way. There's more to two men being together than just the mechanics of anal sex...and why should we have to choose sides and create these artificial genders amongst gay men? because we are still so heterosex brainwashed that we cant think of two men being together without fitting it into some hetero proxy.


Can't get down with the faggot and nigga thing.

Mikey--He likes it

Quite interesting. I admire Anthony's decision to come out especially given his background and "straight" look. It could've been so much easier, and commercially rewarding, for him to keep his sexuality "quiet" and just blend in like so many of our gay black men today choose to do. So on that tip I give him props. I just shudder to think of the possibilities if more men like him made that leap forward. As far as the nigger and faggot terms go I would have to hear how he used them before I made any judgements. I personally have problems when I hear either since I've been called both in my lifetime. And they didn't mean "homey" either when they called me the "n" word. Anyway it's just good to see proud gay black men out there doing there thing and being accepted and rewarded for it. Thanks Rod for the interview.


Like I said, I'm ol' skool. And I don't apologize for that. Still a good article. I've learned to accept people's differences of opinion regardless if they are far from mine.


Knowing him personally for many years, I've got to say that the interview was on point. Great stuff, Rod. Also, Rashid, the CD will be available during Pride. I'll make sure of it.


great interview!


Anyone who believes that we can ever own or reclaim terms like 'faggot' and 'nigga' has flawed thinking. We don't own words exclusively, so I guess it should be perfectly fair for other ehthnic groups to use the 'n' word. Fair is fair right?


Exactly...if we agree to use the N and F word casually and to deemphasize their significance then we should have no problem when people of others races use it in the same context!

Either these are offensive words or they are not!


Great chat - thank you for sharing it/him!

what's up with his CD baby links not working?

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