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23 August 2005



I laughed out loud when I saw this, as did my partner (particularly since he read it while we were on a city bus and were able to observe someone who 'fit the profile' exactly. Just when I was thinking that their 'Gay or....' thing was pretty much played out, they come back swingin'!

Prime (AKA Mike)

I read this post prior to going to one of the local clubs (Bulldogs) to do some outreach for Atlanta Black Pride.

I could not stop laughing inside at just how many of the boys in there were shining examples of just how blury the lines are between hip hop and homo.


looks good though


That model is off the hook cute. Love the light caramel skin mixed with a tough guy stance.


so rod, is this issue of details on stands?


Even though it's hilarious that they were able to "build" such an agreeably attractive brotha, in such a generic nature...dude is still phyne as fuck. Come on, are pretending like we'd NOT be attracted to that? Built just so? (ok, minus the mink and cumbersome bling)

They could have just as easily drew a picture of a brotha with an iPod full of Coltrane, Davis and Simone, a vintage, non-commercial fit and an oblivious nature toward the gym, and created an equally mocking example.

Good look Details.


The question posed should not be "Is this rapper gay?" In actuality, one should question why said rapper would actuate a scene, or statment that could be construed as homosexual in nature. A likely rationale... money, the age-old aquisition of wealth. The gay community, or the majority leastwise, is a largely untapped marketing demographic; amassing millions of dollars in disposable income that some one was bound to help them utilize. And what product could garner tremendous profits better than a man, nay a super-star, rapper, or singer that would be otherwise inaccessible if not for their vast media exposure; displaying adequate incentives to get one in the door to purchase who-knows-what, while still concealing enough to keep you guessing, "Is he... He could be?" It is an unflattering characteristic that many gay men share... They have to know, and if they don't, they have to keep talking about it until placation is realized. Case and point, this very forum... How many more units of that issue will the good folks at Details move off the buzz that's been created here? And GOD FORBID that an article is published depicting, describing, or alluding to Usher, or Omarion taking part in, or even being scene near an illicit homosexual act... The national guard may have to be recalled to stem the torrent of gay men descending on news stands, not to mention the endless hours they'll spend debating it's validity.


It stands to reason that a good proportion of rappers will indeed be homo's. They are in the music biz after all, lets not fool ourselves that half these artist weren't infact plucked from some stage school or drama class, many of these guys are just manufactured light weight acts,nothing more than puppets on a greasy string. "Conceal my sexuality and make $10m? Where do I sign?" Its like that and don't be fooled otherwise. I don't actually care which ones are or not, I'm sure some of the gay ones would prefer it if they could make it and still be gay, I'm sure they would rather they weren't living a lie, but it happens every day in the entertainment industry. So it stands to reason, rap is the biggest selling music genre on the planet, there's no way in hell they all sleep with women, no way in hell.


"...speed bumps on your way to the dirty south..." Wow! That's just funny right there, man.

But, those abs, the pecs and the face are nice.



50 cent is gay 4 sure and i got proof of it!All im able 2 say is get the book"CONVICT'S CANDY".An inmate Damon Amin Meadows,whom is also the author of the book,was locked up with Curtis in a camp located in upper ny.back in 1994.Trust me,the story will tell you the rest!I'm just unable to reveal all proof over the internet for legal and safety reasons.

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