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29 August 2005



None of them look gay to me cuz OMARION and NELLY are sexy as hell! 50 look a damn mess!Do u see his pants?WOA!


they look gay OMARION funny nigga

Simantha  Hamm

Yall got Nelly messed up,my husband ain't gay.And 4 yall information if he gay why he make dat GIRL tip drill song.Yeah yall can't answer that can't you no.That's my husband no matter what.Yall got my momma man 50cent messed up to.So step back and get a life.


I'm sure of course, that everyone in today's hip hop world isn't everything (take that how you want) they say they are. But think about it: isn't that what a lot of hip-hop has turned into today? People talking about doing things they've never done? And really, people, if it wasn't important then, why would it be important now? But...on the other hand...can you really deny THAT?

Choong Ting

I love omarion with all my heart ill never stop loving him. I dream about him all the tym that i cant stop crying of the fact that my dream was a fantasy not real. i will one day be apart of your lyf or maybe even your son when you have one coz boy if i cant have you I'll certainly have him OMARION YOU ARE THE MOST SEXIEST MOTHER F****R I HAVE EVA SEEN AND I WILL DO ANYTHING JUST TO C U xXx


I LOVE U OMARION I don't care if you're gay or straight it doesn't matter to me. Everyday I get a picture of u in my head and i keep singing your songs almost every 10-45mins. I will give anything just to be with u. Nelly, I dont think he is gay but 50 has a face not even a mother would love.


when i first saw the pic of nelly i thought his t-shirt said BATTYMAN


Omari is all mine I would drink his bath water
That nigga need to put that dic^$ on me and let me squeez his fatty while doing me. Or ill be the top its up to him, ill do wat he tells me. But id rather him beat the brakes off this..........

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