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21 August 2005


boogie tonight

thats hot, whats the url under the image


I guess this campaign is a good thing, but I still have zero interest in ever setting foot in Jamaica.


GAYMAICA can advertise all they want on the ills of HIV and homophobia. Me and all my gay and heterosexual friends know better than to ever set foot or send out "battyman" dollars to that rock in the Caribbean.


I too am not interested in revisiting my homeland until many things change. As a heterosexual, I have developed a tolerance for the gay population. Though I don't condone the lifestyle, I am not one to discriminate and support violence towards anyone. I think this is a positive step towards quelling some of the violence on the island-and i hope it leads to a solution to the overall problem of too much violence and sufferation being endured by the Jamaican people.


The only reason I visit my homeland is to see family, eat ackee and saltfish, fish and festival, devon house icecream, and drink coconut water.

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