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30 August 2005


Paul A. Harris Jr.

i think it is tragic that the members of the Bush Administration have not come up the speed with regards to the issue of sex. People are going to have it regardless of what you tell them, so why not create a policy that is based on that notion. I find that abstinence policies are a product of wishfull thinking and not in touch with reality. It is tragic and many people will pay with their lives as a result of it...


Parliament House...I have mixed feelings about that place. I went there in 2002 with an ex during our vacation to his old stomping grounds in Orlando. Great dance floor, fun vibe, good song choices. But it's one of the few times I've truly felt unsafe. Some of the people scared me. The things that went on there...well, they should only be going on behind closed doors. But the doors were open, the curtains back and you could watch/participate in just about anything sexually or drug-inclined. Do we need places like that to express our hedonistic selves? Is our sense of community that tied to partying and sex? I dunno. Despite my reservations I'm sad to know its troubles. Perhaps it's a sense of good and bad history a place like that provides.

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