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17 August 2005



im glad you posted this Rod. Crystal Meth has become quite THE drug of choice for many folk...

But, many don't know or see the (very) devastating effects of prolonged usage of the drug. I also know someone who is using it now, and refuses to get help. An intervention was made--to no avail. My friend continues to use, and he isn't going to stop either.

But, I'm glad prevention efforts are being done in NYC and Chicago. It is slow (isnt most prevention work done in communities of color a little slow--due to lack of money to get things done, battling mis-information, etc.) but it's a start.

But, great work--as always, Rod.

boogie tonight

wow i wasnt expected that one... i dont see how u can throw ya life away pnping... not cute... but i am glad there are people of color in the ads now

boogie tonight

also newsweek just did a cover story on crystal meth (aka TINA)


Rod, I'm glad you posted on this. One point: New York Panthers Leather Club, a pro-black lbt organization in the NY tri-state area, has hosted forums and partnered with other organizations like GMAD to get the word out about meth use and abuse. There are actually a number of organizations trying to address this in the Black lgbt community in NYC; I even think one of Panthers' former officers was mentioned in the local gay press about this.

Wes McGee

There is a crystal meth PSA that is running in Chicago that Leo Burnett filmed that is fantastic. This commerical is a great attention grabing tool to the masses who are at greatest risk of the addictiveness and consequnces of using the drug. I think it should be shown all over the country, particularly areas with large gay populations. Here is some info to help spread the commerical:

Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc.
35 W. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States
Phone: 312 220 5959
Fax: 312 220 3299
Thanks and God Bless

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