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23 August 2005



I heard it here first. Thanks Rod.

I wish Katie had been there to pin down his BS line, I'm Pro-Nick. This is not an issue to straddle the fence on. Either you want women to have the right to choose ... or you don't.

this video clearly says he's pro-life (a term which i despise for its over-simplicity). And only a greedy soulless bastard would produce something he's staunchly against.

One thing is for sure ... he knew it would cause controversy. I hope it backfires on his a$$.


Although I am pro-choice (I guess) I can say that I do respect his video (very nicely done) and the message. See, I am the one who will read the conservative publication and disagree with everything therein but totally respect the eloquence of the debate.

I do wish he had manned up and just said "Hell yeah I'm pro-life!" I'd respect him more as an artistperson.

my truth

Katie would have ate that up. She wouldn't have let that slide so easily.


i would've liked it if he just fessed up to being anti-abortion. i mean, that video is SO pro-life. i remember the first time i saw it i was like "what the...?" confused if i was watching FoxNews or BET. Nick Cannon has very little talent, sad to say. he's cute, but not much talent. his MTV show is even worse than his singing. his new movie is a blatant rip off of a cheap Chris Rock movie. so all i can guess is he's fishing for a fan base from the blind pro-lifers out of desperation?


Love me some Nick Cannon. He is just delicious.


Don't care for Nick Cannon so much musically, and oddly enough I don't care if he's pro-life or pro-choice. If this was his way of declaring his view on abortion,then go 'head Nick!
I am very much pro-choice, but I'm glad to see a young black man in entertainment have his mind on something other than clothes and money.


crazy to me how Cannon decided to make a weak "statement" w. that when he probably knows nothing about abortion and the history behind it. many black folks are getting more conservative yet they half naked women in thier videos and being half naked themselves


Abortion stops a beating heart.


Pro choice is pro-murder.

The choice should be to not get pregnant.


Pro-choice is murder???
Stop the madness. We need to worry about and take care of the thousands and thousands of babies alive today without a proper home.


I have always liked Nick Cannon as an actor and while I am against abortion as a method of birth control. I am also not naive enough to tell someone that I know what is best for them. But, hell as a gay male it not like I gonna have kids. But if you watch the video and it doesnt pull at your heart thing ...damn!


isnt nick gay ? so whats he worried about havin kids for? people shouldnt be killing people anyways regardless the situation thats for god to decide. period point blank.

Thandiwe Thomas

Whatever he is, he's definately not Pro-talent. He is the most unfunny man I've seen in a while. I watched the first 5 minutes of his MTV "improv" program and he pretty much lost every game to his costars (Drew Carey he is not; not Jim Carey either--he just needs to be Carried away from Hollywood. ( he is fine, though.)


"I'm not pro-life or anti-choice, I'm just pro-Nick." What the hell?
That is so whack. "I'm just pro-Nick." Come on, Nick. You could've come up with something a bit better.

Anyway, if a woman wishes to have an abortion that is up to her, as it is her body. She can talk it over with the father if she wishes, but in the end it's her choice.



hey it may be up 2 the mother if she wants the child or not but if she did get rid of it the baby wood still be der (if u no wat i meen)the baby will still be a part of the mother n the mother wood have gilt 4 her life if she got rid of (nick cannon)cuz look how good he is now look how fine his is n wat if his mum did not have him she wood be gutted n she wood be thinkin about wat he wood have been like if he was der n suff(dis probs dont make sence) so we shood be gald that nick cannons mother had him n not got ris of him look at how good he is doin in life he is better dan most of u lot!!!!!!!!!! love u nick !!!!!!!!!!!


yo ppl u need 2 star likein nick 4 who he is yh n ppl hu sad he is not funny n stuff like dat n the lost most of the games on his mtv program? so wat if he did lose its just a game he havein fun he beeter dan u lot i bet if u went up on stage u wood not make any 1 lath (nore wood i but still)nick cannon is gifted n if u dont start likein dat den fock of yh he better dan u he probs had a ruff life n dont need u lot say in he is crap at wat he dus ok he better dan u n i no dat even no that i dont no u but it talk guts 2 go up in front of ppl n act ok so low it nick is doin his thing that is wat he loves most


nick cannons video(can i live )as he sez at the ent he ent makin no desoshons n stuff like dat just tellin u a story of wat his mum dun n how hard it was 4 her he probs feels like he need 2 tell pll so he did a song about it u need 2 like nick 4 hu he is yh he may have make a mistak now n agaien but so duz every 1 if u was in nick shoes n u just fond out ur mum was gunna get rid of u u wood have dun the same the dun a song about it i no i wood have but nick meens alot 2 me i love him 2 bits u need 2 find the good thing out about nick cuz den u will belive in him SO WAT U MAY HAVE NOT LIKE IT THAT HE DID THAT SO BUT HE DID CUZ HE WANTED 2 OK !!!! n no nick is not GAY !!!! nick i love u u meen a lot 2 me ok (L)xXxXxXx

Pro life

oh my GOSH. Nick Cannon is such a fool. If he's gonna make a pro life music video, then he needs to fess up and say he's pro life. What an idiot. I am PRO LIFE ALL THE WAY.
Abortion is murder. Just accept it people. Stop lying to yourselves.


Sadly for the world, he wasn't aborted... I am Pro-choice and I wish I could have talked his mother into aborting his corny, wannabe,gayporn ass... I hate this guy and his bad acting, rapping, singing, and existance...


Maybe, it's not too late... Haven't scientists found a way to abort a grown baby??? Let us hope so!!!

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