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17 August 2005


Unrepentant Slut

I always find it interesting when black is acceptable. It has to evoke a certain otherness or be close enough to avoid too much complaint. An example of the close enough thing is the A&F model(s) you highlighted last week. The black ones were fairly light. And in these ads for Ruff, the black models are portrayed as being of Latin American descent. That makes them safer, I think. Not being judgmental (or just a little bit) -- just being observational.


'And their tops.' - *giggles*


Wow -

Though I can not nor would I ever if I could wear much of what they sell (too interantional male) The men are too hot. I have to go to some news site to calm down before my next meeting.
Thanks for sharing

boogie tonight

damn all i can say is damn damn damn


very striking abs, er, ads - Thank You Rod


Whats up everone.

I came across Rufskin a few weeks ago while searching for the most blazin swimsuit for a pool party. I got the suit and sooooo much more. Now, I've started a pilgrimage to find the clothes in local stores. The gear fits like nothing I've every worn before and it's all so unique. The best word to describe it is "1". I pride myself on being an individual and living in the Wash. D.C. area is hard whenit comes to dressing the man that isn't like all the other men. I find myself in thrift stores and very high end dept. stores and usually only find the typical bootcut jeans, and fitted tees. While this is kewl for some, it's not for me. Thanks for showcasing Rufskin. It was the hook that I needed. Sorry to say, I can't tell too many people about it, then everyone here would start dresing like me.

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