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19 August 2005



umm..mustard is TACKY! that's such a garish color, for such an annoying and garish individual...


Well, we did recently learn that Atlanta is the new Black gay mecca. What more fitting city for him to build a home.


Mustard is cute ... in a kitchen.

I'm not gonna hate on the boy. He pulled his stunt and got PAID. I ain't mad at him.

And like it or not, the shit-storm he started, I believe, is good for our cause in the longrun. Straight comedians now are busting on DL kats.

Strange, the ones trying desperately to be invisible ... are actually helping to make us all more visible.

And its almost funny.


Unlike the previous poster I am going to hate on J.L. King. I can't stand how he took his own story and applied it to all queer/bi/gay/Same Gender loving (did I get all of them?) men. I hate that he can live well off of perpetuating yet another negative stereotype on the backs of the most discriminated and institutionally abused group of people in the USA - gay Black men.
I do believe in Karma and I don't wish him ill. I wish he gets everything that is coming to him.


I find it funny that this queen uses his dead mother as an excuse to relocate to Atlanta from Chicago. "My mother was from Georgia, and she died two years ago," explains King. "She always wanted to move back to the Atlanta area. So in a strange way, I wanted to come here to honor her dream."
Please, give me a break. I wonder which kept ATL boy will assist him in running through his book earnings.


I think the funniest thing about this article is the way you catagorized it . . .

damita Earl



I am not going to hate, but I think he went about exposing his lifestyle the wrong way. SGL men aren't cause of black women getting infected with HIV, its the like of protection use, and he started that craze. He did more damage than help.

I met her, jl king, back when she was a meeting planner or something yrs ago. He wasn't any more dl than a rainbow carrying pride girl. He is fem period. The only person who couldn't figure him out after 10 minutes would be my 1-yr old nephew. lol

he said he was writing a book I guess he published after his mothers passing...It kills me when all these supposed to be dl Katz turn out to be dl sisters and then have the nerve to brag about the men and women they have slept with, when you and I know its both a lie. lol

I agree with the other poster, there is a homo/thug/gym queen in ATL right now thinking of ways for her to spend that money on him and in two yrs he will be hawking another dl book trying to get up money.


OOO I still hate JL King and I hope a ballroom kid takes him for everything he's got, we know how they do.

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