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23 August 2005



Are these same pathetic souls who outed Tinky Winky, Barney, and last but not least ... poor little Sponge Bob?

Society should fear anyone who sees left-wing conspiracies to destroy 'the family' on a coffee cup.

And imagine Beverly Lahaye's gay kid, having a schizo-homophobe for a mom.

That's who I feel sorry for.

Gary Franchi

I feel sorry for people who cannot tollerate someone elses point of view... they may disagree with nomalizing the gay lifestyle on a mass produced coffee cup in a worldwide brand... but for you to resort to name calling to make your point is sad. Just tollerate their "irrational" view point... while everyone else is forced to tollerate yours.

David Ivanov

The quote is truly disgusting and I, as a straight man, am highly offended that Starbucks would support and try to normalize homosexuality. Many people who feel as i do are boycotting Starbucks until they stop giving our money to help gays and writing gay quotes on cups.

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