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20 September 2005



This was a great interview! You all are laughing and cutting up, and discussing politics and events. That's great!


jl king wore that? he sounds very silly.

this is nice analyses, when does the book come out?

you and boykin should do more together..


I'm glad to see that things are changing. I have seen some 60+ years of change. I think we're headed in the right direction. No matter how strong the "leaders" feel their position is, over time it is the will of the people (the sea of humanity) that will win out Great interview! I'm looking forward to more.


Keith is extremely well spoken. He knows so much about the White House. If we even had a black president, he could bge the first. Too bad he didn't win at that Americam Presient.


Thanks for the conversation Rod. I am actually just began reading "Beyond the Down Low." Mr. Boykin is def. a breath of fresh air.

Kevin C

I love the "conversation" you guys had. Now, I want to know what happen to my idea about Keith having a tv show of his own. I even suggested you Rod as a Producer. We now have new gay cable channels like Logo, here tv. How do I go about making this a reality?

My best always to you both.


Enjoyable interview. Hoping for a part 2.


Keith must be mistaken. The Reverend Jesse Jackson supportive of the gay cause? He opposes gay marriage.

He might have meant the Reverend Al Sharpton. Rev. Jackson is CERTAINLY not gay-friendly.


Im no JL King fan, but why should it be relevant what he was wearing? Typical catty homosexual commentary....


Just a thought.

How about a discussion on classism within the black gay community? I noticed that the level of discourse seldom extends beyond the upper-middle, middle-class brothas. I would like to hear about what working class brothas have to say on political and/or social issues, and not just the cliched bourgeoise perspective.

alicia banks


great conversation!

u rule...best wishes!

eloquent fury

alicia banks


great conversation!

u rule...best wishes!

eloquent fury


Wow, what a fab conversation!


If we are truly going to obtain justice in this democratic society, we must support and rally around strong, black, gay leaders like Keith Boykin. He is articulate across the classes referred to by a fellow commenter. Rod, you're a greater interviewer and I look forward to more of these great interviews. Shem hotep!

Don Jones

Yes, this interview was very informative. Rod and you make a great team. Perhaps, you two can do something together and get fans of each involved. Have you approadhed BET? What are you waiting on...get to it!
Memphis, TN

Kenneth Merriman

I just wanted to commend you all on the insightful conversation that you have made available to all. I am a young black gay male that has experienced quite a lot since I first entered this life -- hell, I think that most of us have. Through this conversation, other articles that I have read, and divine wisdom that has been bestowed to me throughout my years, I have become more conscious of the need for positive black gay role models for adolescent minorities, especially black and latino males. My goal is to create a safe haven for these youth that will allow them to first of all become comfortable with who they are and secondly help them to build healthy relationships with others facing the same struggle. For too long, the black gay community has been silent, leaving these young ones to figure things out on their own. Too often, they are embraced by the wrong crowd, and they perpetuate the unhealthy and risky behaviors that they see acted out by these same individuals that they have placed their trust in. From my trials and testimonies, I desire to share my story with them in hopes of helping them to make better decisions. I appreciate the positive energy that both you and Mr. Boykin radiate. It proves to me that there are many others out here who are down for the cause, and they are not afraid to speak up. Thank you for your words and helping to dispel any misconseptions that people may have of black men in this life!!

K. Jaie

J Dennis

JL always outdated Queeny Clothes that no out gay man would wear. That is why he is DL. He shoudl be arrested for his "MAN PURSE" I unfortunately had him appear at a party of mine. If you ever have the unfortunate honor you will notice that he shoudl be arrested by the gay fashion police. Kind of lost in the 70's before gay conscious was expected.


Hey baby! I haven't talked to you in weeks :( I was checking out Keith's site and saw your interview and a smile spread across my face. You're so gosh darn intelligent. Thank you for all the WONDERFUL advice and tips. I'm forever grateful.

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