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29 September 2005


Scott Poulson-Bryant

Yo ROD thanks for the AMERICA shout-out..we are real proud of this new issue...actually over at my blog i'm gonna be reviving The HI FI Q, the music quiz that me and smokey started a few years ago and the prize will be some of the stand-alone puffy/penelope layouts in a magazine all it's own. we did a separate issue that's just made up of the photo shoot. That'll be next week at The SPB Q


HELP! I'm looking everywhere for this issue and haven't found it yet. Okay, so not exactly everywhere. More like the newsstands at the airport as i was on my way out of Atlanta. In DC now. Gotta find it. Gotta find it. Gotta find it ....


I am desperately looking for an old copy of the Peter Lindbergh shoot with Penelope Cruz and P. Diddy. Any ideas where I can get a hold of one copy.


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