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28 September 2005



i cant believe he is admitting that everyopne called him "slut." its like he is silently outing himself.


some people who are tired of living up to society's expectation rather than be themselves do in fact try and out themselves in very subtle ways or maybe he just want the gay community to know without coming out to the wider society also.


50 Cent: Carrying on the long gay tradition of speaking in code.


I can relate to 50 most def on the real. He's a Cancer (born July 6), just like myself....and Mike Tyson. Theres quite a bit in the "world" of a Cancer that many don't "understand" and probably....never will. That notwithstanding, he's still a BALLA! True 2 da game!

Madd Propaz II 50!




Well, Well...

If I had a chance to meet Mr. Jackson face to face, I sure would find out first hand whether he 'Fucked Around' or not. If he smokes weed, I GOT HIM...!!
It' sall about what you say to a man, at the right time. And how you present yourself at that moment.
He could do one of two things, accept my approach, or knock me out. From the looks of it, and from the sound of how he likes to 'lick a lil' bit...' and get his dick sucked, I don't think he'd pass up such an opportunity.
I have heard from guys that usually are sexually attracted to females, but have had encounters, that other guys that suck dick, suck dick better....
I don't think 50 would disagree, if he got with me!!!

Feel me?

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