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21 September 2005



HAha, too funny! :)=


not cute at all. no way, i'd tell anybody my nickname is jail was fuckin slut. hell-to-da-naw!


Rod, despite those veiled comments, 50 Cent has a well-deserved reputation as a nasty homophobe. Last year in an interview with Playboy, he openly stated that he does not like to have gay men around him and does not like gay men. He further stated that gay men would have nothing in common with him. Moreover, his lyrics are filled with vicious homophobia and misogyny. So, 50 Cent justly deserves his reputation as the poster child for homophobic bigots.


Tarheelhombre, sometimes the most vocal are the ones with the most to hide.


He's still D.U.M.B


Oops, my satire detector needs to be fixed.


50, among others, have the right to feel the way they want about gay and/or bisexual people. I mean him hating or loving us should not make us loose one minute of sleep. As long as he, nor anyone else for that matter, does not verbally or physically disrespect us face to face then we should almost care less.


I personally think that he may '50' may or may not have had an experience, if not more than one. Which may have led him to feel justified in explaining himself in his book. His behavior and language towards 'Us' has been overrated. He looks like he could really give up some helluva, ....ya' know.


ummmm....looking between another guys legs can be interpreted in a few ways.
maybe you are curious, (like I am most of the time) or maybe you just @%$# hungry...(like I am most of the time) If in fact you are 'STRAIGHT' and you find yourself looking between a guys legs....more than once a day, get yourself some and stop torturing yourself!!!

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