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21 September 2005



Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself. I can understand her being scroned but her little tyraid is ridiculous. She is really taking her ignorance and putting it in bold print.

Kevin C

Terry is not gay friendly at all. Especially when she signed a book recently for a friend of mine. She wrote: Great to see a brotha read. Go infect others. It's the word "infect" I have problems with. I keep thinking the word should have been "encourage".

Sorry Terry, but back to anger management class for you. And this time stop looking out the window!


And I was sitting here excited about Vibe w/Luther on the cover, lol


Call me crazy but I think Terry's response to what she is going through right now is normal. She's angry & hurt. She has a right to be. I realize that it's not safe to take her side...well I'm not really taking sides. I'm just saying I understand how she feels.

I have no way of knowing whether Jonathan really knew he was gay when he met Terry or not. I will not turn him into some naive island boy with stars in his eyes. I feel no obligation to defend him just because he's gay. It's really sad the way this thing is being played out because at some point in the past they loved each ohter. They shared life. There were happier times between the two. To see all of that go down the toilet is sad but thats life. Time for both to move on.


Whether she's truly devastated or not, foolish enough to be fooled or not- she's milking the situation for all it's worth and then some.


No doubt anyone who's ever been the victim of any form of deception must feel am bit of empathy towards Ms. McMillan. However, I think we're all saying a collective "enough is enough, woman!" The issue is far more complex than she appears to be making it. I come from a society that breeds Jonathan Plummers- a society that tells gay men and lesbians that they are perverted, abnormal, deviant, amoral, immoral, etc. etc. A society that forces them deeper and deeper into the closet. A society that tells them that God hates them and has condemned them to hell. A society that tells them that it is more acceptable to live a lie than to embrace and celebrate their true nature. Ms. McMillan should be grateful- she got out. I know a number of Jonathan Plummers who have been married to their Terry McMillans for twenty years- presenting a 'normal' face to the public, whilst living their true lives behind closed doors. Of course some of the spouses know what the deal is- but to them ANYTHING is more acceptable than being alone. Who is to blame???






I feel her pain. However I don't pluck my eyebrows or wear lip gloss, but I have been known to cross my legs. Oh well.


I have lost much respect for her as a person and will no longer buy her books either.. She has gone ghetto and lost her tact and composure..cause her man ditched the bitch and made the switch.. No woman is that ignorant..unless they choose to be..


I can understand people taking offence at what seems to be her non gay friendly statements but I must say, If I were her, i would be feeling all that and much more.

I think she should be left to sort out her issues in peace. We should not be taking all her statements so very personally. She herself may not even fully understand how she feels, and her anger is not directed at us all but at someone whom she thought she knew but is just realising she didn't. I think she is allowed that....


I don't feel sorry for Terry. She presents herself as a bitter bitch. The only thing she is upset about is that she was humilated publically. But that is what she gets for parading her little boy toy around in the first place.

She is continuing to promulgated lies and negative sterotypes about black men. Her homophobia is obvious.

The more she talks the worse she looks. If she was so much of a survivor she'd get to the surviving, work that shit out in therapy. Maybe she would find another man if she wasn't such an angry bitter man hating woman.


I didn't know it was gay to cross ur legs i see alot of str8 guys do it. should i be suspicious of them becuz they cross their legs?

Terry Should Check the Mirror

Terry pointed out some stereotypes, once again. Yet, has anyone noticed Terry's hard lesbian sounding voice and masculine look? It is alright for her to say that her husband "changed", but what about her boyish appearance. She might want to check the mirror before she continues to go on her ridiculous rants about her former husband.

Terry Should Check the Mirror

Terry pointed out some stereotypes, once again. Yet, has anyone noticed Terry's hard lesbian sounding voice and masculine look? It is alright for her to say that her husband "changed", but what about her boyish appearance. She might want to check the mirror before she continues to go on her ridiculous rants about her former husband.


Terry needs to be locked up in a room by herself. She's really gonna destroy some people big time, and mainly herself if she doesn't heal like she says she is.


I have taken a girl through what Terry has gone through. I got married without being sure of my sexuality( thought I could handle being str8 and that my attraction to men was a fantasy).

Came out to myself, then to her and we seperated, she was hurt and mean to me and now she has come around is my biggest supporter.

Terry will come around...right now she is dealing with the hurt.


im sayin tho if ur man look like oprah gave him a getto make over
then he one of the girls too
dont make no sense

plus she aint have to get all mommy dearest on him and talk all that junk about him

there was a reason y she married him in the first place

mm hmm


Everyone is being hard on Terry, she seen a sexy young guy and went for it, and he took the bait. The mistake I think Terry made was merrying someone so soon without really knowing this boy. Yes I said boy because he was still a boy at 20 years old. No one is really ready to get married at 20 years old. She just should have got a groove back and left his ass alone. But if you ask me when I frist saw the dude I know he got down like that hell he looked gay from day one. Terry check this out the next guy you meet holla at me and let me check him out I will get the 411 for you before you make that mistake again.

Smokey in Cali


What is it with black women these days when somebody (man or woman) does them wrong? Get the fuck over it!!!! She said that "life does not revolve around John. I've got books to write." Good! So, go ahead and write another damn book! And, when you do, don't write about this little situation of yours that you've been hawkin' on for the past few months!!!

P.S.: No! I am not a racist! I am black myself. So, when I wrote that opening sentence, you (hopfully) knew what I ment.


Terry I aree with Smokey in Cali you should have gotten your groove back with him wearing a condom and kept it moving he looked like a gay boy toy from DAY 1 when you bought him into your home with your then teenage son you knew nothing about him and to find out he was gay in the end I thank god that he wasn't a molester and tried to do something to your son as a woman of power, and a strong mind you should have did your homework on this one befor allowing him to board a plane and come into your world instantly when we move hastily we never know what we are getting until like in your case years down the road all the time you thought you were getting your GROOVE BACK and your MAN the one you choose to be your husband was laying on his back with another MAN and playing games with you because you were the main support system until he found a way to extort money from you and went on to write a book, I read the book I don't like alot of parts in the book but IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! and YOU cannot change that there is nothing that you can do to make a MAN want you just chulk it up as a BIG LOSS because in the end it hurts but be a better woman than he is MAN and don't keep bashing him because in the END he will get his and I don't wish that on him but if he is out there being sexually involved and not taking precautiions his day will come.


Is she mad and hateful because he is gay or is she mad and hateful because he lied? This is the point to think about...would he have lied about his feelings even if he had been straight just to gain illegal entry to this country. I have heard wives say all kinds of crazy things about their X's during the divorce.That of course would never happen in a same sex romance ended badly?
Is this an issue of sexual orientation or fraud? His choice to lie for citizenship can be placed on no other shoulders than his own. Maybe if we would get equal rights passed for gay marriage he could have openly lied to a 40 year old gay man and married him! She is one piece of work though. Maybe its wise to not tick off a word smith they have a pen that cuts like a sword.

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