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14 September 2005



Rod point blank - if it were not for you I wouldn't know any of this stuff - I NEVER see these stories on the news here.

Andres Duque

Thanks Rod for keeping an eye on this. I unfortunately missed the interview. Ms. Guerrero is amazing.

As for stuff that goes on under the radar:



1. Thanks for drawing attention to this.

2. I'm impressed that Today would even carry this story. Which anchor did the interview or was it one of the 2nd stringers? Ann C maybe?

3. Admirable that she wants closure - it's personal for her. The rest of us - well, we're free to hate on those morons as much as we like.


However with all said and done its still dishearting, to kill a child before, during, or after a sexual act. To not charge them with a hate crime is OUTRAGEOUS! Its obvious to me that they didnt kill her because she didnt give them good head.. They killed her for being a Transgender Man..for even Perepation.. so that falls under hate and shame not under bad HEAD!


I can't believe this wasn't considered a hate crime. The justice system sucks.

But I understand the mother's need for closure despite the sucky verdict.

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