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27 September 2005



Hello It's Me is not a Stevie song, man - it's some white dude Todd Rundgren...

boogie tonight

yes todd rundgren did to it orignally but the ISLEY Brothers made it their own also Groove Theory

my truth

Yes, they need to get their facts right Isley Brothers sung that! why are you getting at Alicia? I don't buy into the comparision. Both talent, but I think he has something different-can't really describe it.


sistah girl, you been on my mind.

I got to work with John during his show here in Durham and back in the day when he was a UPenn. I love the fact that he still gives props to his collegiate a cappella roots.

very nice man.



Todd Rundgren is not just "some white guy." He is a prolific songwriter/artist/producer/PC software pioneer. He has recorded over 20 (and still is) albums.

He has produced some of the most influential records of his time (70's/80's). His career actually started in the late '60's.

His album Somthing/Anything which includes the track Hello It's Me is considered to be one of the best pop/rock albums ever recorded. He has recorded records where he played all the instruments. He has made the longest vinyl record "Initiation" clocking in at more than 68 mins. This was unheard of in 1975. He has also made an accappella record as well as recording with his progressive rock group Utopia.

He started off producing The Beatles sound alike group Badfinger. He has also produced the Meatloaf album "Bat Out Of Hell", Grand Funk Railroad "We're An American Band." Both of those records sold millions of copies which was something that wasn't happening at that time.

His last great production was for the British band XTC. The album was called "Skylarking." That album is considered their best.

Todd also dabbled in cd roms when they first came out. Read his bio:



I love the kid's music.. thanks for sharing!


I'm glad someone corrected the Stevie mistake. "Hello. It's Me" is a great song and credit is due it's originator. John Legend does not need to be compared to anyone. He stands on his own talent and beauty. When I finally saw him perform live last month I was amazed by the intensit of his singing for the entire show. Brotha gave it up like an old pro!!!

Reed Richards

I'm not trying to one up anybody, but I think it's interesting, if not useful, to know that before any of that other stuff, Todd Rundgren fronted a pop band in the Sixties called The Nazz (the name comes from a [semi-?]famous Lord Buckley routine). His first recording of "Hello, It's Me" was with that group. One of their albums was a blues album with James Cotton. It's got to be one of the oddest matchups in pop history. Rundgren has written some of the prettiest pop ever. And for the record, XTC hated him and his production and all his interference. Too bad for them -- Skylarking is a sublime album.

Ian Davis

Yes Todd Rundgren has penned many a great pop song, Hello It's Me being one of his best and most popular. Of course, the Isley's did a nice soulful cover of it.

After his self-produced breakthrough double album, 1972's Something/Anything (which contained many great songs, several of which he played all the instruments on)), Todd got into experimental music and started a very successful career as a producer. His pop offerings still came, but were less frequent, therefore, his pop fame diminished after 1980.

Still Mr Rundgren remains quite an accomplished pop song craftsman, engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and an underated singer (he sounds like a cross between Bobby Caldwell and Daryl Hall, but with less of an R&B soul flavor, aka, he sounds very white). His latest release Liars, is a first stabb at electronica. Still, it contains some well written and accessible pop melodies and vocals.

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