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05 October 2005



Vin has quite the ego to have women thrown out because they aren't interested in his butt.

On a totally different subject...


What's happened to Fleshbot? There has been any new content since 9/23!


Is it true Mr. Vincent likes "the boys" too???


That is why he should go home with gay guys because I think we would all say yes.


I'd say no, too. Sooooooooooo not my type.


You also gotta love conjecture...


that's really pathetic..and suspect. I mean--so what if a few women don't want to go back to your hotel room with you? He couldn't find replacements...

and his constant visits to DR...mmm, me thinks he's partaking of the MALE prostitutes that are in abundance there (bet you he's a butch bottom..heheheh! :))

but, Vin really needs to slow his role. he hasnt had a hit in YEARS..hollywood is already done with him or VERY CLOSE to being done with him...so, he should really get his ish together..


RYAN, there are male prosties in D R? Is airfare cheap because if so, I think I know where I'm spending my next vacation! LOL!!!!!!!!!


"Local Businessmen"...yeah, they'll give you the business (or you can take their business) once you agree on a price. And I wonder if this is the same Security Detail that rushed him out of a gay club in Montreal he had 'accidentally' gone to few years ago?


Vin is complex anyway! In all of his online bios, he says that- some time during the late 80's/ early 90's- he was a bouncer at a gay club. You mean to tell me that there were no straight clubs in NYC at that time?And, since he sees himself as such a certified "playa"- who could get any beautiful woman- why make such a huge thing over two (count 'em: two) that didn't want you? I'm pretty sure that- just as there are many fine men in D.R.- there's bound to be an equal amount of fine women to choose from. So, Vin, a word of advice: get over yourself!!!

Damon T

You really think his career is in the tank? Just because he is not in front of a camera, don't believe everything you think you see, he's produced every sequal to XXX and Too Fast, he's done more work behind the scenes in projects - he's very diversified - which mean he will be around for a long time and very much a "playa" in all circles. Someone is giving the boy good advice - the gay hollywood mafia maybe??

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