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20 October 2005


Tony aka PhillyBred

Thanks for this recap Rod. Living out in the Boondocks my cable company has no intentions of adding LOGO, TVOne or VH1 Soul to their line up.


Good job Rob. I couldn't watch last night. I am extremely greatful for the re-cap and the review. A-1 journalism.


boogie tonight

nice recap rod, i knew it was gonna change alot from what i saw last year


Overall, I liked Noah's Arc. I thought that the acting was overall decent. I mean its not gonna win emmys, but I was just happy with the fact that a show was on air that centered around 4 gay friends of color. Queer as Folk was aiight but I really didn't relate to those blanquitos. Yeah we wonder where these boys get their money from but how did Carrie have Manolos and Dolce out the behind and was always eating out and lived in Manhattan writing a sex column? Noah is the Carrie of the show obviously. Ricky is the Samantha. Chance is more the Charlotte character to me than the Miranda character. Alex I don't think is like any of the Sex and the City girls. He's a character all his own.

Trey and Eddie are very handsome and masculine. People are complaining that Alex and Noah are too feminine but umm...there are feminine gay guys. Ricky and Chance are the butch guys of the bunch (compared to Noah and Alex they are alpha males). I like that you've got 4 successful gay men of color dealing with life. I don't care how they have their money. Its nice to see it on television and their dynamic relationships with each other. I really hope it lasts and I'll be having my Wednesday night Noah's Arc gatherings like I did Sunday for Sex and the City. Thanks to those for bringing this show to the masses.




Thanks for the update, Rod. I know it takes a lot of time and effort. I enjoyed the preview that was offered on the LOGO website. Noah's Arc is one show I'd watch religiously (like I did "OZ", "The WIRE" and "Six Feet Under"). Time Warner, the cable company here, has no plans to cary LOGO in the near future. And Austin is one of the most liberal cities in the bible belt. Go figure. Great job re-capping. Kudos!


While I am glad the show has been picked up by LOGO, I would like to see the show grow in several aspects. The character Noah is shockingly effeminate. I would have preferred that the title character not be a throwback to the oldest, tired stereotypes about same-sex opiented black males. In fact, all four of the main characters are extremely effeminate. It would have been great if they gave the more masculine characters more central roles, instead of being relegated to accessories for the effeminate main characters. The acting is adequate, not great, but the storylines seemed pretty entertaining. Oh, and the eyecandy is pretty good too, but once again, the goodlooking masculine characters aren't given much depth beyond their sex appeal. Hopefully, the show will evolve beyond the tired stereotypes and present a more diverse array of characters.




I liked Noah's Arc as well. When the show first came on, I was suprised and a little upset how much Noah sounded like Michael Jackson. I won't lie the show is little on the stereotypical side, with the bitch, girl, and hoe calling, but I think for a first episode it was pretty good. Also I thought Chance was a little old to be hanging with the other three, I dunno, he just looks like he could be somebody's pops.

Also im just curious, Im assuming Noah was a virgin, because he never had boyfriend, but yet he met Alex when he took his first HIV test?


I did not see the show last night (thank goodness for Tivo), but I did see the first two episodes at the Atlanta Pride festival in 2004. I must say that I loved it. Of course there were parts that I did not care for, but I am just glad to see people that I can truly relate to on television that I will not complain.


I watched it, and will probably watch it again. But as others have said, we've seen these characters before and they perpetuate certain stereotypes that neatly fit heterosexist expectations.

Everyone is young, gorgeous, leads a fabulous carefree life and lives in amazing splendor. They all sway towards the fem end of the spectrum.

Cute show, but I am still waiting to see images more closely reflecting my own life depicted on tv.

frank leon roberts

LOL, love this post.


I really enjoyed the show. We all have friends just like the characters on the show and that makes it so much more enjoyable b/c we can relate. I really like the interaction between Noah and Wade. They could have teased us a little more by not letting them hookup until two or three episodes later. Overall, it was very good.

Cash S.

The show was cute, the story line between Noah and Wade is definitely the most intersting of them all. The group phone calls were getting on my nerves. I was just sitting there like get off the damn phone and take care of your business. Plus Chance and Alex were kind of ingnoring their boyfriends. That Trey is too gorgeous to be leaving the room to go talk on the phone!


Bravo to LOGO...

Gay Black men "livin the life"... young, beautiful, bitchy and going through the madness all of us go through ...but in the real world we are not as well coiffured and polished. I watched the show with another friend. The friend saw the original movie. Although, I found it hard to relate to the lives and actions of the main characters, the revelation, is that I am seeing the lives of any young black men portrayed on national television or any other media outlet. One has to keep in mind the show is a comedy and not a documentary. Whether there are black gay men who live in that fashion or not, it gives us and the world looking in, a prospective, a different prospective.
Noah, played by Darryl Stephens, is the little lamb, navigating his way in a world of wolves or hounds (take you pick). He is so doe-like, large expressive eyes, coy, shy...one can help but want to hold his hand (or other parts)and guide him safely into the world. His friends are quite a different animal. They have been around the block, the corner, the neighborhood, the city... you get the jest of it. Always with a word of advice, always knowing what sweet Noah should do but not quite able to navigate their own way in their own lives. Just like friends to say "do as I say not as I live".
Noah is the glue of this first episode and possibly the reason to watch the series. One watched to see where he and the beautiful, seductive and dangerous Wade, played by Jensen Atwood, would end up (or whose rear end would up). Wade is the man who could "melt the drawers" off men and women just by smiling. Damn, he is PHYNE, I digress. He is man mamma warned you about... great looking, great in bed, but possibly not a great mate. One might want to re-think an involvement with a man, who invites you to his loft for the first time as well as a video vixen look a like. What was up with the lip locking between Noah and the girl. Lesbianism. Back to the meat of the story, the chemistry between Noah and Wade is electric. It is because of these two characters I will watch in the coming weeks.
Again, kudos to LOGO and Patrick- Ian Polk,the creator, and Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, two new faces to watch...


What the hell is goin on in here. I've read the comments and I see we as a people our still narrow-minded. The first episode was excellent and groundbreaking. Where you know in america they go put four black punks on t.v. Nowhere, but here on logo we have a chance to open new doors for the this explosive new genre. And stereotype, what are you kidding me. You say the lead character is to feminine and that there all a bunch of girls. That's not a stereotype, I think every character was depicted in the honest most way possible. And to say that us as gay men don't say bitch, hoe or girl is not keeping it real with yourself. We are all those things and then some. That's what makes us notorious, trendsetters and innovative. People put aside your shallowness and take a good look. This show is real, honest and funny. So don't hate on Noah and the crew. Because if you watch last nights episode it is actually helping improve the dialogue we have with one another and our pieces and show them to step up to the plate. The show was phenomenal!


"And to say that us as gay men don't say bitch, hoe or girl is not keeping it real with yourself. We are all those things and then some."

Speak for yourself dude. I don't and many of us don't.


Thank you, Mark.

I can introduce you to a whole lot of Black gay men who do not flame, ke-ke, call each other girl or act shallow and narcissistic.

The show is stereotypical because effeminate depictions are the only images of Black gay life television has ever given us, which fails to reflect the diversity that exists within our community. As I said, cute show, just not showing us anyone new.


Would all these so-called macho guys go find a dick to suck on? What's with all these gender-hazing? How can we expect acceptance from the world when we won't even accept our own - effeminate or not?

Geez... all these drama-causing macho men need to just chill out.


exactly, they are just as much a part of the struggle. this show was groundbreaking and my hands go up to the brotha who created noah's arc and letting me finally see something i thought i might never live to see and thats me as a gay black man on the tv screen in mini-series showing us the way we are. its just the beginning, we have to start somewhere and it was such a powerful sight to see last night.

Bernard Bradshaw

Actually Noah's hair in that scene didn't remind me of Janet Jackson--but of Niobe (Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith) in the Matrix Reloaded/Revolution.

Those hair changes were a hot mess.


Hmmm interesting conversation going on. I sat back and watched the show last night. I can be honest and say I came into it with a bit of trepredation because let's face it - I'm a hetrosexual, single, blackwoman and regardless of my 'progressiveness' it's still 'uncomfortable' when it comes to blackmen being gay and three-dimensional and being on tv.

First off, Noah was so beautiful he was 'dewy', lol.

As I looked at it - societal engrained sterotypes in tow - I kept saying "why is everyone so sissy" They all blend in together sorta because there is really no distinct 'being' about them. Ok - as Rod said we got the SATC characteristics but yet and still - I was believing that homosexulity came in more flavas than 'pink sunshine'.

I was quite disappointed in the 'straight man' it was not convincing. He started off Bi right from the get go in my mind. My 'gaydar' was up and at em, lol. As a hetrosexual - it wasn't workingggg, lol Was that the best they had to offer. I know this is not a 'drama' persay,and the DL men are actually bringing the movement down, but it's an interesting angle.

How did I feel watching this? In all honesty - like I did when I saw the movie 'saw'. I have got to see this - but I'm covering my eyes - but I'm looking thru my fingers, lol

I'll end by saying this - these men are not the ones being discussed in the straight community - this to me is a whismical vision of the perfect gay world where parties and money and relationships flow like water - since the majority of the hetrosexual community have many outlets to live these fantasies thru telelvision BRAVO that gay black men have theirs!

joseph kendrick

I loved the recap but my query is what cable company carries "here tv?" I'd really like to be able to actually WATCH for myself. I totally loved queer as folk but to have an african american oriented gay soap? Do you realize how long I have waited? Please help.



I really enjoyed reading your recap of "Noah's Arc". I'm a 27 year old, black man that recently relocated to New Jersey from across the dixie line of Virginia. Since my move I've accepted a lot about my self and began to stop fighting temptation.

I've met a couple of people since relocating, but they have all been of interest. I havent met any gay friends as of yet. Watching "Noah's Arc", was very interesting & entertaining to me. Matterfact, I could really relate to one of the characters. The show definitely gave me an eye on what I've been missing not having close gay friends. I really enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing the next episode.

I didnt really like Chance but respect his character. Alex is too much for me. Ricky is off the chain in every aspect. & Noah, well what can I say, who doesnt like a real fit, tight body pretty type with a nice booty.

Thanks for the recap man.
-Live Good....


i agree with bernard bradshaw re: the sc(hair).

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