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24 October 2005



It's a little predictable that they would associate the black family with murder and crime.

Mehcad is super-phyne.


I almost melted last night when I saw Mehcad in his little wife beater...

*Haveing flashback*

Mad Professah

Mehcad is basically the primary reason to watch Desperate Housewives at this point. When he showed up in the "wife beater" tank top my mouth was agape and all I could shout was "Dayummmmmmm!"

That boy is supa-phyne. Fa true.

Dwayne Wayne

Mahcad, can get it anyday! Rod, hook a brotha up, LOL!


What about Mehcad's acting? Some combination of poor writing and bad delivery led to the scene between mother and son being quite ... clunky.


I've been following Mehcad since his first appearance in the final episode last season. Klunky kitchen scene, or not, I'll tolerate klunky for more of Mehcad anytime. Thanks to Rod for bringing him to my attention. I think his acting is as good as it can be given the "klunky' dialogue. If he were to get some dialogue with more "meat", I'll bet he would be up to the challenge. (smile)


Oh, goody, another slow-witted black man. Did this guy escape from the (wretched) "Green Mile"?


It's not a spaghetti strap tank top, it's a "wife beater." Hundreds of hispanics and Italians would curse you if they heard you refer to their drag as a spaghetti strap tank top.


Page was recently fired from the show...Does anyone know why?

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