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06 October 2005



I'm in love with Gordon James. (shhhh ... don't tell him. or my husband.)


I just ordered Jude Dibia's book. I can't wait to read it.

See, I was born and raised in Lagos. My family is still there and I'll be going home for xmas.

I hope the book starts a national debate of GLBT rights.

Nathan "Seven" Scott

oh gosh rod. i didn't know you posted this. thanks! your site is really looking pretty!!! keep up the good work.

Jude Dibia

Hi Rod! A friend told me about your blog/site and about you featuring my novel 'Walking with Shadows'... thank you for this. Correction to my name though, it is Dibia not 'Bibia' as spelled.
Your site is quite colorful and cool... Good stuff!


We sweep issues under the carpet in Nigeria. We turn our eyes away from reality and truth often time when it comes to human sexuality. Homosexuality is real in Nigeria. This is because some people are created that way not because of choice. But most people will not accept the reality of their being, and thank God for the wonder of their creation. (I was like that for many years myself.) I also wish others would let God be God when it comes to human sexuality. I hope people get to read this book in Nigeria and face reality instead of sweeping issues under the carpet. Good job Jude.


we are a group of individuals mostly nigerians, when we came across walking with shadows, most of the team didnt know how to accept the novel because of its truthfull sexuality exposure in the nigerian community, because we have an open minded boss that lives in 3 continents, mr abiodun olayinka decided to take walking with shadows to the next level. by releasing a film in 2007 based on the story by jude dibia,it will be the first of its kind in nigeria, and will explore the tabboos, the myths and phobia surrounding homosexuality in nigeria.

Demola Adewoye

That would be an eye opener for Nigerians through the Nigerian film industry. Actors are like prophets of the community. I wish this group success. I could act the gay man for them if they need real gay Nigerian man for that role. Jude, keep up the good job. But play safe in Nigeria.
Demola (Chicago)

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