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31 October 2005


Da Greasy Guide

We have so many more stories and so much more to our lives then for every damn movie we do nowadays to be about us on the DL. I'm so sick of it! Have none of these film makers seen the british "Metrosexuals"? You can do a movie about to black men who love each other and are in a nontraditional family strcture.


Thanks Rod.

You did it again. I appreciate you opening the door and our eyes to another piece of quality filmmaking about OUR LIVES. But, I have to agree with DaGreasyGuide in one component and that is that there is so much more to OUR love and OUR community and OUR relationships than the struggle of the DL brothers.

However, SINCE we as a culture and a community of Black (sorry African-Americans!!!, I'm a child of the STRUGGLE...I likes my BLACKNESS!) people haven't dealt with man-on-man love yet, THIS STORY SETS UP THE JOURNEY and those of us gifted with the skills have to have the REST OF THE STORY written and ready, so that we can move to expand the picture.

While this movie is entitled "THE DL CHRONICLES," it really does seems to tell the tale of a man struggling with his sexuality, period. DL seems to have seeped everyone in this I HIDE WHO I AM SEXUALLY FROM MY WIFE WHILE I BONE DUDES BUT HATE FAGS mentality. I'm feeling something more from this. I hope I'm right, but in the meantime, I write.

Thanks again, Rod. Here's hoping that epic tales of love and intrigue, romance and substance are on the way.



JADED...COMING 2006! (sorry for the shameless plug!)...Love Y'all Like Music.



boogie tonight

Hey man I just spread the word about this to my people yesterday ... Great minds think alike


I have to agree with the greasy guide. Why is everyone stuck on the DL. The DL has been in society for decades. It unfortunately depicts yet another true-to-life example of how far behind we are as a race when it comes to addressing issues we face everyday.


Where can my partner and I catch the series noahs ark. We live in florida.



Also in Florida. DirectTV offers Logo in their viewing package. It's a great series....finally a series about black men loving black men and telling their stories of our lives. And well it's just plain funny.

Deondray Gossett

Hello Fellas,

I'm the co-creator and co-director of The DL Chronicles, and I have been reading some of your blog posts and I just want to clarify something:
This series wasn't created to further exploit the negative sterotypes we keep seeing/hearing in the media about the supposed "new" DL phenomenon. As a matter of fact, it was created to COUNTERACT and COMBAT some of these one-sided and biased images, while still being a form of entertainment for gay/bi men to enjoy and not at all feel stigmatized. Every episode doesn't involve a man cheating on his wife or girlfriend - some have to do with men being DL at the workplace, to their children - to THEMSELVES! Each episode attempts to be slick, intelligent, and SEXY. They're not always some big political or social statement. Our series attempts to tell the WHOLE story and shed light on the complicated condition of the DL man without pointing fingers. We want to expose the REAL reasons why some men are FORCED to chose this life because of ignorance and intolerance. ALL of us (lesbian/gay/bi/trasnsgendered) at some point in our lives, before anyone knew of our sexuality, lived for some period of time on the DL before we were open about who we were. Those are the stories we want to tell. Our hope is that it fosters understanding and dialogue, and at best, acceptance for all those who struggle in this society with this issue - plus be entertaining! There's so little out there about gay/bi African American men, we hope that this is some way helps put a face on our community. I ask everyone to check our website often and look and see where the film is playing in your area. Then write and tell us what you think. I am glad that this film has at least sparked some dialogue! Go see it!!!


it looks interesting. i would like to see it. the main reason I want to see it is because these two filmmakers are a couple. you only very rarely see black gay male couples as a professional team. we should celebrate that. at minimum.


second, i will see it because rod recommends. can we be honest, if rod recommends something, it is usually good. he usually has the first scoop on books and movies and pop culture. even when he warns things are bad he has good critique. if we didnt at least respect his decisions, we wouldn't come here a few times daily. or is that just me????

is the movie coming to dc?

good luck deondray!


First of all, Greg is RIGHT. These are two young men who came out as a couple and created a product. They're role models.

I have to agree with Boogie (love your blog!), Kevin and Greg; let's see the movie. I totally disagree with "DaGreasy", who is starting to show up more often and criticize whatever Rod writes. It seems personal. Bitter, much?

Also, let's keep in mind that Rod said that he screened the entire movie. The ENTIRE MOVIE. So, he should have a better perspective.

You can't criticize a book or movie without reading or watching.

BTW, hasn't lame-azz E. Lynn Harris made millions of dollars off the DL? I don't hear anyone criticizing him.

Yes and the lead actor Darrin looks very nice. The trailer looks promising.


I think the movie looks pretty good. Subject matter is nothing different from most novel book that have been issued to the public over the last couple of months (years in some cases). Seems like the DL things still remains a popular trend in storytelling, so like most people will say: Ride the tide until it goes down. Just wish a lil' more creativity went into these stories or sumthin' with a lil' extra twist. But I'm pretty sure Lynn Harris, Kevin Ames, J. L. King, Brenda Stone Browder, and movie directors Luther Mace (On The Low) and Maurice Townes (The Closet) won't mind adding another DL saga in their popular mix of entertainment.


i too am tired of the dl topics. all of us ain't on the dl leading double lifes/ thats why i like noah's arc like i do because it shows us in different situations living happy and not just on the dl like it seems some want to keep riding that tired bull of the dl lifestyle like its something brand new


In reference to D. Gossett's comments:

I totally understand that this short film, as well as the "many" other movie projects and books that tackle the subject matter is mostly for entertainment purposes with the understanding that if it provides useful information and touches a life than so be it. What I don't understand is why only one facet of the "DL" situation is depicted in these movies. If we are really "keeping it real" then why does it seem that all of the characters in each of these movies portray the same qualities, the same look, the same family situation. In the real world, not every "DL" brother is a business man with a Brooke's brother suit, not every "DL" man has a chiseled body with a goatee and bald head, or cold black curly hair. In the real world, "DL" guys come in many shapes and sizes and extend from a variety of background situations. Many of our "DL" brothers are not married at all. Many of the "DL" brothers require that the men they deal with have more of an effeminate deposition. I live in DC and I know for a fact that a vast majority of the "DL" men here deal with transvestites or drag queens. They like it "fem with a stem". The "DL" phenomenon also crosses barriers of race, of circumstance, of necessity. This is just my opinion of the subject matter. I am all for minorities excelling in the arts. I leave you with a question though. Is it really possibly to put these types of sexuality issues in positive perspectives and still keep it interesting enough to entertain without possibly losing the message?


I disagree with some of your comments about the DL being over done. It's like people who say that the AIDS issue is over done, or the race issue. Yes, I agree that the DL has been the hot topic for the past year or so, but that does not mean it has been properly or fully discussed. It has not gone away nor will it soon.

The truth is that most of us are STILL IN THE CLOSET! Most of us are still attacked and hated by our religious institutions, families, and communities. Most of us live on the DL, not necessarily with women and children (although I know plenty) but we are nevertheless hiding and struggling to be.

I commend anyone who is willing to take a fresh look at the topic and attempt to show it in a different light. The general public needs to see these stories and so do we. This sounds like it would make a great series. I would definitely watch it.

As far as shows like Noah’s Arc, I commend those filmmakers as well. But it’s not the first time we've seen effeminate gay black men on TV or in film. Actually, that's the way people expect us to be. They expect all of us to wear shawls, boas and scarves, to snap our fingers and roll our eyes. That's what the media has always portrayed. Yes, it’s the first time as an African American Gay series, but I don't necessarily see the characters as being something fresh.

Nevertheless, I have friends that can identify with Noah's Arc, and those characters do represent a number of Gay Black Men. They are just not the whole story. And I have seen the first few episodes on LOGO, which I enjoyed. However, I would also like to see the men that I have creeped with, the stories I know.

Rod quotes one of the directors, "We hope that our series will in some way help to de-stigmatize gay/bi men and encourage an atmosphere where DL men won't be afraid to be who they are," notes Gossett.

Obviously the directors were aware of trying not to stereotype men. Ya’ll need to reread the article before you make judgments.

We have a long way to go ya’ll and we are just getting started. We need as many life affirming images out there as possible, especially good ones.

Congratulations to Mr. Gossett and Mr. LeNear. Will it be on DVD?


thanks for screenig the movie. it sounds no better or worst than all that e. lynn harris crap we have been spoon-fed. rod, thanks for keeping us up to date. by the way:: i love the movie stills. this is where the ad money goes? it is hoty.

taylor Siluwé

This is a great, all of it: The film ... Rod's breakdown ... the comments (even the obligatory E. Lynn hateration).

But what I'm feeling the most is a new understanding of the term DL. I've always been a vocal opponent of all things down and low ... but it's undeniably true that at some point we all creeped, if only for a minute. I know I did.

Maybe these DL stories will present the results of the homophobic dogma ... the lives derailed when people are forced to be something they're not.

Oh shit. It's like a lightbulb just went off, a weird crazy-colored one ... and suddenly I feel protective of a group I've taken great pleasure in maligning. And a strange camaraderie, which should be scary but its not.

Who knew?

ALL these stories ARE our stories ... the DL ones, the Noah's Arc super fag ones, and even the blue collar average guy ones (when they comes out) will be OUR stories.

And they ALL need to be told.

Deondray ... you keep doing your thing, 'cause I love writing your name.


Seems very interesting. I hope to see it soon.


Will this movie be out on DVD??


I read your blog and I am thankful for the window into your world. I just have to say this. The DL lifestyle may be old hac to you, but to black women, it is brand new. I never get tired of any tools,information, or insight that I can gain to protect myself from having to experience such heart ache. Sometimes, I wonder if it is all a lie and if I'm a fool for believing that a man can ever love us the way we were taught that they should. No one wants us anymore. I wish I was a lesbian or could stomach a white man.

Reginald Phillips

Is this available for purchase?

Keymarie Payne

I Love DL Chronicals it's my all time favorite show since noah's arc


i wish i could by this on dvd like the "the closet" out of atlanta i just bought that online 2day, it looks pretty good too.


Encore! Encore!! Great poetry... great work of art! My greatest respects! Does anyone know where i can find quotes from the series? Please send responses to: thugish_brat@hotmail.com

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