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29 October 2005


Bernard Bradshaw

I think that Trey is a nurse on the show.


I don't usually follow tv series on the regular. HBO's OZ was one; I still have a thing for the character "Adebisi", portrayed by the head-2-toe handsome dark skinned actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.
This summer Showtime introduced the very funny new series Barbershop, which includes "Isaac", played by a hot Caucasian actor named John Wesley Chatham. Another thing I don't do on the regular is white boys--- but Chatham is definitely doable. If he isn't your flavor, there are blacks, Asians & Latinos of various hues on the show giving plenty of eye candy.
Gregory Keith, "Trey" of Noah's Arc, is my cafe-au-lait fantasy come to life. What's the skin color controversy about?? I sincerely wish that this fine brother could get more air time; I like his masculine demeanor. Unfortunately, I fear that the show's overriding Queeniness is going to drive me away. No disrespect intended for my fem brothers. One


trey is an anethesiologist!


I'm with you Rod: The Alex & Trey storyline is the one the Other Half and I find most interesting.

FYI: There is another delicious shot of Gregory in the new photo book "More Body, More Soul: Beautiful Black Men" -- which *more* than lives up to its subtitle. There's also a photo of Darryl 'Noah' Stephens in there too...among many visual pleasures.


Y'all don't understand. This man is my future spouse!

: )


No disrespect. But, he does nothing for me - on the sexual tip, ESPECIALLY, since he's feeding himself a vibrator. But as a character, he's cool.



I'm disappointed that you were initially leery of a character because of his fair skin. I could understand you're not personally being attracted to him but the leeriness is sad.

Malcolm X. Rosa Parks. Adam Clayton Powell. Walter White. All of these people are African Americans who were fair skinned. That said, the majority of all African Americans are of mixed ancestry.

Can you honestly say that the actors who play Ricky, Wade and Noah don't looked mixed? They don't have that the beautiful and deep blue/black skin of west Africa.

Then again neither did Frederick Douglass or W.E.B. Dubois or Martin Luther King, all of whom were also mixed-race. Then again, Rod, would you be leery of Thurgood Marshall and his fair skin?

Good grief, the most recognized contemporary Civil Rights leader is Jessie Jackson, a man of obvious mixed ancestry.


I also am surprised by the "fair" and "exotic" comments, especially given the diversity of color among African Americans (and Black people in general); I mean, just go to Washington, DC or Detroit, to pick two cities that immediately come to mind, and you'll see quite a few Black men who look or favor him. (I'd have added New Orleans, but you know, we've been driven out of that particular homespace.) One thing I will say outright in praise of this show is that color does NOT seem to be an issue on it. On just two episodes they have depicted a wide range of brothas, from very light (Ricky, Trey) to very dark (Chance, Alex, the designer transperson). I always assume we have got beyond this particular fixation and internalization of white supremacy, but the truth is we haven't. But Noah's Arc, thankfully has.

BTW, I agree with Reggie that I like the storyline with him and Alex, and his "versatility."


Oh, just to add that I love your blog, Rod! It deserves an award (or many!).


i love him and alex's relationship. the make such a cute couple and they are so funny between him and them toys and alex's reaction to them. i am just so happy to see us on screen in so many different ways. keeps me looking for the next episode


My lord! I finally pulled the first episode off my DVR. I can't even speak. You're right. All shapes, sizes, and colors. I dont care what they do, they got that one right.


Trey is "all that and a bag of chips"! Teaming him with Alex was a good choice because most times it's the "Big Bois" with slim guys. I like seeing what I like represented.


I'm with you Rafe. This is not the first time Rod has gone off on the 'are lightskin brothers back in style' tip. It's really annoying and sad that it is brought up. Putting a cloud over an otherwise cool blog.


Oh, the humanity! **LOL**

Let me take attendance quickly.

Jeff: Stop apologizing for the show. You sound like the White House press secretary, lol. We'd know what Trey's career was ... if he had a substantial role on the show and someone EVER WENT TO WORK! We'd also know more if Logo gave the actor a BIO PAGE! But that's not important to them.

"Rafe": You always comes out whenever skin color is introduced and parrot the same reductionist argument. The historical colorism that you mention was no accident. Many early black leaders were light because our community practiced an established preference of colorism for light-skin in politics, business, academia, medicine, film and the like. Let's not forget that. BTW, get some new material. If you're gonna comment on this blog, at least TRY to be as witty or clever as the content. And please stop mouthing the exact same argument. I don't mind criticism, but appreciate a fierce response, like Js Theater.

Back on message. First of all, this weblog has probably given Noah's Arc entirely too much airtime, especially seeing that here!tv is one of our advertisers. Logo advertised on plenty of gay blogs--even sites with a fraction of our readers, but not on this site or the one other (somewhat) black-identified blog in BlogAds. FYI. So they're getting lots of free publicity here. But let's be very clear about where Logo conducted outreach and where they did not.

Two, the majority of black gay blogs and the gay media are giving short shrift to the show. We wonder why that is. Hmm. We'll talk about why later this week when I fully deconstruct the show. But only a fraction of the viewing audience can even watch Logo. So be happy that somebody is capturing Gregory Keith/Trey's fineness. And he is fine.

Third, we all have our own biases. At least I can admit mine. Jeez, I said that I had to check myself. Can't you give someone credit? I've said before that Gregory Keith/Trey is the hottest one on the show. **Shaking My Head**

I'm not going to pretend that I'm perfect. There are plenty of other (boring) weblogs where the (boring) writers never take sides on anything. Or, whey wrap themselves in pithy platitudes and political-correctness and come across as sanctimonious. They love everyone the same. YAWN.

If you come to Rod 2.0, expect attitude. Expect me to have an opinion. Expect me chat up books, magazines, television, politics, religion, sports ... but expect new content and an opinion.

I've dated the rainbow: black, white, dark, light, yellow, brown ... even a redhead in Indiana and (sigh) a Thai kickboxer.(lol) Also, look at the archives, you will see all types, represented here, from light Trey or Daniel Norell to brown Mehcad to darker Kwame and Ngo. Visit some of the other black gay sites and everyone looks "blatino" or "mixed". Let's not even talk about color-obsessed authors, mm'kay? At least I'm trying to keep some balance.

But to be honest, I don't even have to do that. I'm not going to apologize for admitting my own personal preferences. What's next? I become a target because I go to the gym or prefer more muscular men? Give it a rest.

This is a rough crowd. What do you boys want, blood, perfection or both? I'll assume blood, because anyone defending Noah's Arc obviously is not seeking perfection.

As Forest Gump says, that's all I have to say about that.


Um...o.k. Enough said. ;)



Yeah, our community has had colorist attitudes and still does but what does that have to do with your comments? As for being witty or bitchy or fierce, that sounds really gay-cliche. Not everyone wants to or can be two-snaps-around-the-world.

Look, I think it's pretty sad (if not gross) to see Li'l Kim or Michael Jackson bleach or butcher themselves into their twisted view of beauty. However, I also know that there are lots of people of all shades within the black community who struggle with their looks and how they'll be accepted or rejected.

As for colorism in politics today, let's be honest, there are fewer African American politicians who look like Harold Ford than look like Condi Rice, Maxine Waters or Jesse Jackson Jr.

However, to add to your point, I think it's a disgrace that other gay blogs, unlike yours, Towleroad, or Keith Boykin's, haven't profiled Noah's Arc. And, yes, a lot of white gays talk about us being one happy community but only post pictures of the Aryan Youth Brigade. Have you ever been to Made in Brazil? For a blog that highlights handsome Brazilians, it's scary as hell that the blogger never posts pictures of black, mixed, Asian, or indigenous Brazilians. All of the men are European looking. That is damn sad. (Of course, that's the same story with most gay porn.) This is the same problem I had with Queer as Folk (White as Snow); there was no justifiable argument why at least one or two main characters couldn't have been people of color.

So, I don't think that you've over covered the show at all. That's one of the reasons I visit Rodonline.


I like what someone said that it is about time that they paired a brotha w/some size w/another brotha w/some size..I get tired of seein the big beefy brothas w/slim need some of mama's southern cooking brothas...I like trey...Somebody said that it was their future husband..Man i would have 2 cut you if you EVER step that brotha..LOL.....hell they should get that porn star Matt Rush...I know he is an actor or trying to be one!!!!


Much to be said, but I'll keep it short, as the comments have taken a near tangential turn. In a phrase, 'do the damn thing Rod.' (I was tryin' not to get cliche with it, but other choices, "you go boy!" or "you betta work," woulda opened up another can of worms!)
To Rafe, why does every show, i.e. QAF - need a token black? That's like hating on Golden Girls cause there was no witty black geriatric roommate. Get over it!
PS: I'm disappointed that I can't use the strikethrough tag for comments as you do in your posts Rod. If you know how, holla!

judge jru

Trey (aka: Gregory Keith) is seriously the prettiest man on television. And at least to me (maybe I'm a little biased) the best actor of the bunch!

Thanks for the screencaps Rod! Now I can finally show my friends that don't get Logo who the heck i'm talking about.


I like the thickness of this man and the character as well. Thickness, both in men and women, is something that seems to be maligned more than embraced and appreciated. Seeing this portrayal is very heartening and given my predilection for such, it's a wonderful thing to behold.


At the risk of propelling us on a 90 degree tangent.. SIGAMALUV, When was the last time that you saw Matthew Rush come near a black man? I saw him perform in the stage play "Making Porn" last year and will concede that he's really a decent actor; however, his film career has been exclusively Aryans-R-Us. He's even giving up tail to one of them in a recent film. (Yeah, I've got issues with that).

Speaking of getting screwed, Back to Trey & Noah's Arc: After last night's Dragfest, I'm expecting that the next thing on the show's Sissy Agenda is split screen scenes of Noah riding Wade's back & Alex digging out Trey's... pouring bleach in my eyes to cleanse that image. In spite of that, I'll continue to tune in because Gregory Keith is very watchable and the show's occasionally funny. Besides, who can turn away from a train wreck? One


Wow, TM..."pouring bleach in your eyes"? That's fitting. Cause we all know "masculine" men like Trey and Wade NEVER get screwed. ??? Get real, man. Level of masculinity or femininity has absolutely nothing to do with being a top or bottom. How many times have we had our backs dug out by some so-called nelly queen? Or hopped into bed with some thuggish-ruggish, only to find his legs up in the air pointed at "10 to 2"? Sigh...we still have so far to go in our attitudes, don't we? New millenium, dude. Look into it...


Great post RealityPolice!


the blog is cool
the show is cool
KEITH IS PHINE AS HELL as is WADE and the two brothas who shacked up too soon...
in fact
it's just cool to see all these beautiful contradictory brothas doin hteir thing on TV on a weekly basis
brothas lovin brothas and BOONDOCKS...
NOW THAT IS MUST SEE TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


doin THEIR THING! sorry about the typo

EVERYBODY WRITE And CALL LOGO and VIACOM and tell them to KEEP NOAH'S ARC FUNDED and to bring us ANOTHER SEASON or else it could go away

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