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14 November 2005


andy in seattle

maybe we can change the meaning of "going dutch"?


Thanks. Make me feel even more inadequate.


as my grand mother use to say, "save something to tell Jesus, honey child" and this one of them. being the spokes man of small condoms is something you dont live down.


Rod....I really don't think the Enrique Iglesias story is true.


I don't know where Americans get this idea that Britain is sexually repressed. I'm British and I'm definitely not repressed sexually or otherwise.You only have to look at TV here compared to the USA, TV in the states is quite sterile and not exactly racey, we see stuff on TV here that would NEVER get shown over there. Trust me, Britain.. just like the rest of Europe is a very Liberal minded country on matters of sex. In the UK now gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual "MARRIED" couples as a matter of LAW,I'll say that again..In the Uk gay couples HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS IN LAW AS MARRIED HETEROSEXUALS. And for the past 3 years or so I can marry my male partner at The City Hall here in Manchester where I live if I wanted to, how many of you guys can do that?

Lovin' the blog BTW!!

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