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15 November 2005



Here we go again. An attractive talented black man with a great voice, in the business over twenty years suspected of being gay. People, people. If we claim all the good ones as gay, who will be left for the straights?

Canute James

you never see smoke without fire...I have always suspected them both...always. The truth will come out.


Johnny Gill is Bi-Sexual or gay. He is still very talented and I would Buy his records. In fact when he was promoting his first records My Fratenity brother met him and they did have Oral sex. He was very feminine acting and when he joined New Edition my fraternity brother remarked it was a strange pairing since Johnny acted very feminine. I'm sure his incredible vocal abilities trump evrything else. Go Johnny!

Kym cheatham

What's up with the Pink Shirt, then?


i dont care if eddie is gay or not i never liked him cuz he was strait he funny ass hell an i hope he keeps being funny cuz i want a new movie


Ok, I was online trying to find out where me and my girls could catch the next Johhny Gill concert(Saw him here is San Diego and the brotha is BAD in Cancert!!!) and came upon this site. At first I was a bit baffled at why so many people even CARE if he is gay or whatever sexual preference he may entertain. He is by far a leader in the music industry. Look at Gerald Lavert(not implying that he is gay)...never won any of those white man made awards but the brotha is BAD. Same with Johhny. I will say this and let it rest(as far as I am concerned) Johnny Is a true musician and artist in his rite. Gay straight doesnt matter to me cause it has nothing to do with me or anybody else for that matter. There are many other things that could make him "not right, a bad person, or just a jerk" I have never seen that in him. What ever Johnny is, does, however he leads his life.....it is between him and God. Now if I can get back to my concert search...thank you.


I echo the essence of what the last writer said. Johnnie is first and foremost a true musician (vocalist) and damn good at it. Outside of that, he is a human being, with the free will to do what brings him happiness. We don't know for sure what is up with him or/and Eddie. They ain't talking, so change the subject people. As for as I am concerned, it's none of "my" business. I pray that he is content with his life and the same for Eddie. Let iT go people! Give it a rest!!! Drop it. Go look in the mirror and in your own closet.......and if that isn't enough, watch the "Jerry Springer Show. If that's boring or uninteresting...Go find Bin Laden....Mutha Fkn HETHENS!

Let's not "play" this devide and conquer" game THE MAN has used against us for centuries.

darrel hawkins

eddie murphy is gay. I am from the Charlotte area. Its not like he does a good job trying to hide it. But thats his life.


I knew something was going on betwwen the two of them, that johnny and eddie

None of Yours

Who gives a damn!! Concentrate on the War in Iraq instead of dumb shit...That's black people's problem anyway, always gossiping about bullshit and snooping their noses in other folks business instead of keeping up with important things like the war in the middle east, credit reports and scores, investing your hard earn money in worthwile assets, and I don't mean the biggest truck or the most expensive car, most importantly, getting an education. Go read a damn book! HaHa!!


I only have this to say, if you people look at the photo you can clearly see the photo has been altered. And the proof is in the shadows. The only person in the picture that appears to have not been altered is the woman because she has the proper shadow. Check it out!!!

Xzavier Williams

OMG...Let Eddie continue to make us laugh, people couldn't understand why he did the movie Norbit, but Eddie laughed all the way to the bank! Johnny, people listen to the smooth baratones of this man, and fall in love...What is wrong with love? God will judge us all accordingly. Its like a Preacher, Minister, Reverend, Father, Bishop, or a Pope, you don't practice doing what they do, we should concentrate on following what they are teaching us out of the, Basic.Instructions.Before.Leaving.Earth! You have common sense, use it! Flesh is weak, the minds of men are merely mortal and meek. Throwing stones, we'd all better start ducking! Peace


AssKissio Hall is Gay ..Fo Sho

Always has been. Never liked him and I hear he threatens people a lot like he's some mobster huh


I really don't feel that Johnny is gay at all.I'm sorry that so many people on this page seem to think so but, the truth about the matter is he still looks good and guess what it's people like us who pays his his bills now talk on .

Toni B.

It's ridiculous. I think Eddie is Bi & that's why Nicole finally divorced him (it got out of control). Mel B. was ok with experimentation on his part because she's a freak too (married 2 months after the baby was born to get back at Eddie). Now Tracy is a fool. She either doesn't know (and Babyface is laughing his ass off) OR she does know & he's paying her because most people (ex: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes) have the OFFICIAL, LEGAL ceremony in the US in a judges chamber then.....fly off to whatever island to have the fun, pretty, expensive ceremony. Notice they had the fun, pretty, expensive ceremony covered by PEOPLE magazine (pictures sold to them) & said they'd have the "real, legal" ceremony when they got back. Keep waiting.....
Babyface wants them to get married so bad so he can stop owing her alimony. A fake ceremony still makes him have to write her ass a check every month. He got over being hurt real quick once he realized...Damn, no more alimony..marry anybody except an ax murderer. She should have talked to Nicole before she got with Eddie like Mel B. did. They even hung out together, but Eddie keeps Tracy's ass faaaaaar away from Nicole. Even Bi, he still wants Nicole and nobody else, except maybe Johnny.

tina chandler

I just wish all the undercover gay guys would come out of the closet. If you are gay then just say you are. Real women are tired of trying to figure it out. Just be 100% honest, then maybe you can still call yourself a man, maybe. If a straight man is caught alone with transsexual, and swears he did not have sex with the transsexual. Would you believe that nothing happened?

dee 1

johnny is just being johnny..


I don't believe this shit, this shit ain't real.

VeRonica Bond

Johnnie Gill is under fire for no reason. He and his friends, who happen to be males, are out in public and there's a chance for someone to start a rumor. His voice speaks for itself. Johnnie keep up the good work of selling out concerts, and performing well.

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