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14 November 2005



If you keep this up. I'll just wait for your blog and skip the tired show. Just promise more shots of Mehcad's chest


Soooo it still ends up being about a black man looming over a helpless white woman in pumps that should have been put away it's November already and a too tight dress. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Well I hope he keeps running since he got fired, lol lol Which is quite ironic - - to say the least.

I haven't watched an episode and I don't intend to but I will visit the recaps, lol


I'm sorry but as nice as homeboy's pecs are (and I do mean scrumdiddliumptious) this storyline just doesn't hold the same level of interest for me as the ones in the past. If they somehow found a better way to tie the Caleb Mystery into the other storylines, it'd be more interesting. But as an isolated storyline, it's the worst.

And what happened to Bree's daughter? When did she become a high-heel-wearing cig-smoking skank overnight? Did I miss something?


Well that was the last episode with PAGE KENNEDY as CALEB. Funny...it's the first time we hear him talk too. I wonder if the they later scenes with Gabriel showing a shadowy face were shot that way because of that.I heard Kennedy got fired for INDECENT EXPOSURE. now he has a body on him too...nothing he exposed could be considered INDECENT as far as I am concerned....lol.

Andrew in Seattle

Mechad, hot--be it resolved. But why oh why oh why does the hailed (and self-congratulatory) arrival of Black Folk to Wisteria Lane have to involve a story line with The Big Scary Black Man (who also happens to be Developmentally Challenged) Has To Be Chained in the Basement? Why does the family of color have to Bring Danger to the Sub(conscious)Burbs? Marc Cherry have you lost your damn mind? Why not have Matthew tap-dance while Betty offers the neighborhood her special family reciped for barbecue ribs? Regardless of how the narrative may play out, I don't see how this can avoid pushing the oldest, most tired buttons in the American Mind.


Amen to Andrew, and thank you Rod for the recaps. I'm deleting DH from my TiVo Season Pass; i'll just get my pec pics here and skip all the Dangerous Black Man crap they're apparently about to provide.


Can we stop seeing race into everything? The role wasn't even originally written for a black family... But the producers gave it to Alfre because SHE said she wanted it.

And tho the guy who is playing Caleb is fired...did anyone see his replacement on Extra (or one of those entertainment news shows)... Mechad may be gettinig a lil challenge for "Hot black guy on Wysteria Lane".


I'm not big fan either. I come for the Bre and stay for the Mechad. Interesting to see how those worlds are about to intersect with her daughter understanble interest in him.

I was indignant for a moment. However I was offended more as a big man than as a black man. Why in the hell do we always have to mentally challenged dolts? I blame it on Steinbeck. Damn Lenny.

I got over my anger, realizing that if anyone should be offended it should be nebbish could-be closet case pharmicists. That George is not painting any of them in a good light. Poor Dr. Goldfine. RIP.

Dwayne Wayne

Mehcah is HOTT! Keep the pics coming!


Andrew we are so on the same page...I'm really pissed about that myself....but the more outragous scenario is that MR PECS is the murderer...I happened to catch the tail end of hte show and he meets up with her late nite...I hope he don't end up bein a rapist...I would really have to write the producers FOR REAL. Now that crazy ass Rx Doc, is off the chain...THATS who i'm trippin off of...lol...i was on the floor when I realized he was about to kill Bre' Shrink...lol...and when ole girl came to tell her that dude was a wack job...and Bre ain't too far from it either...but she brought it too him...I think chick might be next...lol...and I hope she don't take that ring off again...lol.


I've tried looking at the show, for Alfre Woodard and Mechad Brook, but it takes so long before you see either of them. The other portions of the show are a little boring, if you ask me.

Mehcad is just, whew! Just fine. He's one of my top... what, 10, 20?


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