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21 November 2005



I dont know. It sounds to me like Kanye realized that he sounded a little TOO gay friendly (as far as hip hop is concerned) during that last MTV interview and now he wants to clean it up a little. If its that serious, why wouldnt he just get a female interior decorator? I mean, I personally think that something is up wit Kanye, but that he is doig what he has to do for his career. Remember, conservative society as a whole is still runnin' things. Like his music tho, regardless.


I'm glad that Kanye is at least talking about it and working on it. There's a lot of gay people who are homophobic and not working on it! I know many men who would never be seen with femme guys for fear they'd be perceived the same way.


Homophobe? Really? Surprise, Surprise,Surprise. I am quite shocked as I always believed that he smelled a lil like "peaches" to me. I mean Kanye............COME ON, you work with John Legend. Who I must say has one of the roundest ghetto booties on a dude i have seen in quite some time. Picture this Bloomingdale's, NYC, John Legend enters shopping for clothes. Wearing a pair of 7 jeans so snug, they were probably 5's, LOL. It's true though. I honestly tend to think that most people in the music industry, even rappers have homo tendencies and the expression of anger against homos really is just an attempt to repress their desires and attraction to the people of the same sex. I think Kanye is a "softer" rapper, and needs to stir up some sort of controversy, to give him that little edginess that is needed. Tell John Legend I said Hi.

taylor Siluwé

Well ... I really don't know what to say about this, except to agree with 'NotSoSure'. He does seem to be backpeddling a little ... as if he thought he came off a little too gay before.

But I still can't knock him, because he openly talked about the issue, and not in negative terms like 50, but in positive hopeful ones.

By saying he's 'working on it', he's still indicting homophobia.

Back-peddling or not, Kanye is still the rudder which is stearing hip-hop thought processes in the right direction.

Kudos to him ... still.


I saw John Legend for the 1st time on Bill Maher last night. My GAYDAR went batshit crazy. GAY as a GOOSE. Fruity as a tangerine. Queer as a French Horn. Give it up John - You are GAY GAY GAY!


Well maybe Kanye should just shut up then, I mean look at the vitriol being displayed here, and he just trying to understand and be more sympathectic.

Why should any straight black person speak out, when all they gonna get is "oh please, you r gay" or whatever.

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